Indian Family of 6 Finally Gets PR Approval on the 8th Attempt

PR Approval on the 8th Attempt
The main applicant has been rejected 7 times in his Singapore PR application. Being of Indian origin, Mr Abdul had to face the possibility of another rejection due to the low ethnicity allowance for Indians.

About Mr Abdul

Mr Abdul is currently the Managing Director in an Engineering & Materials firm, having had prior experience in a similar capacity in Saudi Arabia and India. Essentially from a business development background, he brings about with him a firm and strategic approach in growing his business organically.

Managing Director and engineering sales professional Mr Abdul, who is of Indian origin, came to Singapore in 2006, after spending 8 years as a professional in India and Saudi Arabia. In Singapore, having been in the employ of several engineering firms, he learnt the trade and found the efficiencies and convenience of infrastructure in place to finally set up his own company.

PR Application Challenge: Racial Quota

While on his first job in Singapore in 2006, Mr Abdul grew to love the country, having seen the efficiencies of how businesses ran and robust work ethic and culture that were aligned to his values. This prompted him to make an early decision to settle his family in Singapore and make a decision to apply for Singapore PR.

Having heard from fellow Indian colleagues and friends on their challenges in attaining Singapore PR, he was also fully aware that there will be some quota issues that may not be favourable toward him. He was right, since 2007, Mr Abdul has been unfortunately unsuccessful in his Singapore PR application attempts, despite his progress in his professional career and growing his family to now 4 children.

Fast forward to 2018, despite the headway his company has made, Mr Abdul’s attempts at attaining Singapore PR remained futile and he thought to himself that it is about time he seek professional help for his ‘last’ attempt.

Assisting Mr Abdul with His Singapore PR Application

Over the years, the team at IASG have proven successful at assisting expats from around the world resettle in Singapore as a permanent resident. We are incredibly proud to help change and improve the lives of all our clients by helping them navigate the minefield of the Singapore PR application process, from first consultation all the way to the security of achieving Singapore PR status.

Due to certain complexities with the case profile, we had several consultations with Mr Abdul to understand his profile in-depth as well as to formulate initial strategies. During these sessions, we shared with him the various government metrics used and the strong points that he already had but were not reflected sufficiently.  We also assured him that we will take over all the paperwork and documenting so that he can focus on steering his company forward. This hand-holding approach was exactly what he needed as majority of his time and attention were required on his business.

PR Approval on the 8th Attempt

Singapore PR approved for himself and entire family after going through 7 rejections in the past. Finally getting his PR Approval on the 8th Attempt was a huge victory for Mr Abdul.

“It was my long painful 12 years journey in Singapore to achieve my PR status. I lost my hope after 7 times rejection in 12 years”.

“One of my colleague recommended me this Immigration consultant and I approached IASG who has assisted me very well and analysed my case very carefully. Now I got my PR for me and my whole family”.

Disclaimer: All our clients have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us, therefore, due to privacy and legal purposes, we do not reveal full or real names and photos of our clients.

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