Malaysian Indian Work Permit Holder Finally Gets PR Approved

Malaysian Indian Work Permit Holder Finally Gets PR Approved

About Sajini

Sajini is currently a Clerk with a Singaporean engineering company and has been on Work Permit for 8 years. Her husband, who is the sponsor for her application, has been working in Singapore for the past 23 years as a Technician. Due to their dependence on requiring a dual-income to sustain themselves in Singapore, they currently do not have any children.


Singapore PR application finally approved after almost 1 year of waiting.

Executive Summary

Sajini came to us after countless frustrations at getting her Singapore PR application rejected for at least 3 times. Her husband, also a Malaysian, is already a Singapore Permanent Resident, having lived and worked in Singapore for more than 23 years.


As a blue-collared Work Permit holder, Sajini knew that attaining Singapore PR would be challenging for her considering her income bracket. After getting her Singapore PR application rejected at least 3 times, she grew very frustrated, especially considering her Malaysian husband is already a Singapore PR. As they are childless, it is imperative that Sajini get her Singapore PR application approved, so as to secure assurances for her to stay closer to her husband in Singapore without much worry.

As all her attempts at trying has failed, Sajini took a brave and big step in seeking help with us at Immigration@SG. While our service fees may seem steep for her, she was very determined to try all options, to give herself peace of mind.

How IASG Helped

As with how IASG approach all cases, we invited Sajini, together with her husband down for a free consultation to understand their situation. We had an in-depth discussion and by the end of the session, we managed to outline to Sajini alternative strategies we can deploy for her case. Despite her lack of confidence in her profile, we managed to pick out a few key pointers which she did not think of during her past applications that can propel a stronger submission.

With all the paperwork and documenting taken care by IASG, Sajini and husband felt relieved and confident that they have made the right choice to invest a little into their future to be Singapore PRs.

Disclaimer: All our clients have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us, therefore, due to privacy and legal purposes, we do not reveal full or real names and photos of our clients.

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