Ex-Laborer Gets PR For Children via Sponsored Scheme

Ex-Labourer Gets PR For Children Via Sponsored Scheme
A Singapore PR holder who has worked his way up from being a labourer to a Director of 4 companies sponsored his 2 daughters for their PRs. 

Ex-Laborer Gets PR For Children via Sponsored Scheme


About Murugan

Murugan is now holding a position of Director at 4 companies which he had set up after securing Singapore PR status. While the initial business started out as a simple minimart operations, it has since grown to support the import of vegetables and provisions. Having a stable and growing business, he is confident that he can support his family permanently in Singapore.

Murugan worked his way up from a blue-collared laborer position in 2003 when he first came to Singapore. After attaining Singapore PR for himself and his wife in 2007, he worked hard and is now a Director of a humble food trading shop. He has since find it difficult to secure Singapore PR for his 2 Singapore-born daughters.


PR Challenge: PR Application Rejected Numerous Times Before, Racial Quota


Since 2010, his application for both his daughter’s PR got rejected time after time. He is at his wits’ end as he has no intention of going back to his home country, having raised his children in Singapore entirely.

Also, being Indian ethnically, Murugan knows how tough it is to secure Singapore PR due to the racial distribution practice by the government. Unsure if he is approaching his Singapore PR applications for his children in the right manner, he decided to seek professional help.


Assisting Murugan with In-Depth Profile Analysis & Customised Document Package


As with how IASG approach all cases, we invited Murugan down for a free consultation to understand his profile in depth. During the session, we assured him of several unique and key strengths that we could use to make it relevant for a strong Singapore PR application. We did a point-by-point analysis to benchmark Murugan’s merits and advise what the immediate items we can help with.

We also assured him that we will take over all the paperwork and documenting so that he can focus on his business operations. With this hand-holding approach, Murugan felt less pressured and was able to approach his application in an easy, structured, and stress-free manner.


Singapore PR For Murugan’s 2 Daughters Approved in 6 Months


Singapore PR finally approved for both daughters within half a year. Murugan was so grateful that his daughters can now live and grow up in Singapore with him. The peace of mind this good news gave him was a huge relief!

Murugan’s case can be an example of how important setting roots in Singapore is. The Singapore government has been trying to attract and retain foreign talent into Singapore who could eventually live long-term here to not only fill up the gaps in Singapore’s workforce but also its declining population. Murugan’s long career journey and having 2 daughters born in Singapore show how much Murugan is planning to continue staying and living in the country.

Now, Murugan’s daughters can grow up living like a local Singaporean.

I was so worried of what would happen if my daughters can’t get their PRs. IASG saved our family and my businesses!

Disclaimer: All our clients have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us, therefore, due to privacy and legal purposes, we do not reveal full or real names and photos of our clients.

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