Mixed Nationality Family of 4 Gets PR Approved at First Attempt

Mixed Nationality Family of 4 Gets PR Approved
A middle-aged Frenchman, his middle-aged Japanese wife and two teenage children got their PR approved after living in Singapore for more than 10 years. This is their first attempt!

Singapore PR Approved for French Man, His Japanese Wife, and Their 2 Children


Application Details

Gender Male
Country of Origin France
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Master
Occupation Management Executive
Social Integration NIL
Number of Years in SG >10 Years
Reason for Application The family has built their lives in Singapore, wants to permanently live in the country and calls it home.

PR Application Challenges: Ethnicity, Age

  1. The main applicant is a Frenchman and his wife is Japanese. These ethnicities are grouped under Others in Singapore.
  2. The main applicant and his wife are middle-aged, in their early 50s.

Profile Attractiveness Score – 61.5%

Disclaimer: Please note that this scoring system and analysis is only based on IASG’s knowledge, expertise, and past experiences handling client cases. This is in no way a standard metric to be used to gauge Singapore PR approvals. IASG is not liable for any consequences of the usage of this scoring system and analysis by any person.

Talent & Industry Representation – 73%

The main applicant works in the tech industry in a management position. The tech industry is a high-demand industry worldwide where skilled professionals are always needed. In fact, there is a global shortage in certain tech skills such as AI and cybersecurity so tech talents are always welcomed, especially in Singapore where its goal of becoming a Smart Nation is currently in progress. The main applicant’s high position in the company, where he has been working since 2015, shows that he is not only highly skilled but he has a team that he manages. There can be transfer of skills and knowledge to his team. The main applicant’s career is in good favour for his family’s PR application.

The main applicant’s wife is a yoga teacher and has been working for the same company since 2014. While being a yoga teacher is not a sought-after talent in Singapore, it has given her a stable income for more than 10 years. During the pandemic, health and wellness coaches are in high-demand due to the lockdown and people need to exercise at home. It is one of the jobs that can easily move towards a work-from-home arrangement, making it a sustainable career to have. Since she is not the main applicant and her profile will be in a supportive role to her husband’s, this is not a great concern in regards to the PR application.

Financial Stability & Grounding in Singapore – 94%

The family has been living in Singapore for over a decade and has built up a diverse financial portfolio including real estate, insurances, and investments. Both the main applicant, who is earning more than $36,000 a month and his wife,  who is earning $5,000 a month, want to retire in Singapore. Knowing how expensive Singapore can be, the couple has a comprehensive investment portfolio to ensure they can afford a good retirement. The couple’s daughters, aged 12 and 18, want to pursue their tertiary education in Singapore. The main applicant and his wife have been saving for their children’s education in a separate account.

These financial decisions show how much this family has been planning and setting their roots in Singapore. Their financial portfolio has shown consistent decision-making and execution over the years that they have been in Singapore and this can be an advantage for them.

Social Integration Efforts – 69%

The main applicant and his wife interact with locals on a daily basis at work and around their neighbourhood. Even though they live in a condominium, there are many Singaporeans who live in the same complex. To wind down after a long day at work, the couple enjoy evening walks around their neighbourhood where they meet and interact with other locals.

Their children, who go to international schools in Singapore, have local friends from their neighbourhood as well. The children enjoy eating at hawker centres with their friends, enjoying local food such as chicken rice and nasi lemak. They are also well-versed and very proud Singlish speakers. While the family has adapted to local customs and lifestyles, it is difficult to prove their integration into the local community, especially for the PR application. 

During the consultation with the family, IASG noted that they have done sporadic volunteering over a few years, so we recommended that they do it more regularly. This would help show how they are contributing to the local community and their efforts to blend into the society.

Age & Nationality Demographics – 10%

The main applicant is from France while his wife is from Japan. They fall under “Others” in the ethnicity/race category when applying for the PR application. This would mean a much lower chance of getting PR approval due to Singapore’s policy in maintaining the current ethnic population and racial harmony. However, just like any other factor pertaining to PR application, PR approval or rejection is not guaranteed based on any factor. The Singapore government looks at PR applications holistically.

Both the main applicant and his wife are in their early 50s. While there is no age limit or restrictions to the PR application, it is understood that Singapore wants to attract and retain young talents that can support and drive its economy. However, IASG has helped many PR applicants over the age of 50 get their PR approvals. It shows that age is not a make or break factor in PR application. 

IASG’s Case Analysis & Strategy

Profile Background

Both the main applicant and his wife intend to live permanently in Singapore after living in the country for more than 10 years. They have built their careers and brought up daughters in Singapore. The children plan to have their career and lives in Singapore as well. This family calls Singapore home. 

Addressing Concerns

The main concern for this family is their ethnicity and age of the main applicant and his wife. Singapore, debatably, is the only country in the world that has social harmony amongst its local residents of multi-ethnicities, cultures, and religions. This is one of the reasons why Singapore is unique and is a great place to live in. To maintain this social harmony, the Singapore government wants to maintain the population makeup as closely as possible. Foreigners who share similar cultures and religions to the locals in Singapore may find it easier to attain Singapore PR as compared to foreigners coming from countries other than Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Singapore is also facing the issue of an ageing population and low birth rate. and the government has kept an open-door policy to foreigners who want to work and live long-term in Singapore. This policy is an effort to fill up the gap in Singapore’s population and workforce. Thus, being middle-aged as a PR applicant is a reasonable concern.

Positive Mindset

Attaining the highly-coveted Singapore PR can be a tough ride for many and PR applicants need to keep an open heart and mind if they want to embark on this journey. This family, in particular, understands this and is bracing themselves to go through multiple rejections! They are easy to work with and are positively responsive to advice given by the IASG team. 

Singapore PR Application Result: Mixed Nationality Family of 4 Gets PR Approved at First Attempt!

The family was pleasantly surprised that their first attempt has been approved! They were so relieved and ecstatic that they can continue building their lives in Singapore. The children, especially, have their whole lives in front of them!

As part of our post-result service, IASG helped the family prepare for their official physical appointment with the ICA

Testimonial for Alan, Assistant Manager, Lead Consultant

Alan was very understanding about our family background. Even though he did not guarantee us a PR approval, he did his best to ensure we maintain a positive mindset throughout the application process. He gave us a lot of tips and advice that made us understand how we look in the eyes of the government. Thanks to Alan and the IASG team for making our dream come true!

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