Observations of an Immigration Expert 2 Common Challenges

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Observations of an Immigration Expert 2 Common Challenges


Having been in this industry for more than 2 years now, I have noticed a distinct pattern in the applicants that I meet during consultations.

  1. Applicants usually waste their 1st application doing it on their own – BLINDLY
  2. Applicants are clueless on preparing their submission in a flattering way

So what should you do? How do you ensure that your application does not go to waste?

Since 2009, Singapore has tightened their immigration policy and shrunk the immigration quota by more than 50%!  With a more distinct selection criteria, it is imperative for applicants to submit PR applications that stand out, showcases their strengths and more importantly, make their application stand out, just like how one does so when applying for a job.

Presently, with many applicants merely submitting merely the ‘mandatories’, while it makes your submission effortless, the lack in distinction also makes it very challenging to convince the officials to approve your application. You effectively would have just wasted your opportunity! So what should one do?

This is where applicants can seek value in letting the experts take them through the finish line. We help to assist clients with their PR application by strategizing the application in such a way where the pertinent points relevant to the decision makers are highlighted and prepared. This ensures that applications submitted are outstanding enough to compete with others and pass through the basic screening test.

If you have applied for Singapore PR before or you are in the process of preparing your application, some of these will sound familiar to you.

Tips to get the whole procedure to apply for Singapore PR is quite easy to search for online but it is much more complex than clients think. One small mistake in documentation may get the entire PR application rejected.

With a professional working with you, on top of the policy and immigration knowledge, you reduce the errors while receiving full guidance and hand-holding on all requirements, documents preparation and strategizing the entire foundation of a strong PR application.

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