5 Reasons Why You Should Apply for SG PR/Citizenship Now

Apply for SG PR Citizenship


5 Reasons Why You Should Apply for SG PR/Citizenship Now

The Circuit Breaker implemented by the Singapore government has presented businesses and individuals an opportunity to rethink how they are planning to overcome the ‘new normal‘ come 1st June 2020, once the restriction orders is lifted.

As majority of us have already settle into these new Work From Home measures, the last 1 month has also given foreigners ample time and opportunity to evaluate if Singapore remains the long term goal for their families and themselves.

As Immigration Professionals, the Circuit Breaker provided us with an opportunity to analyse how foreigners in Singapore can make use of this period to elevate their chances of securing Singapore PR / Citizenship. Below are 5 reasons why now could be the perfect time for foreigners to table in their application (assuming their jobs are presently secured)


1. Use This Time to Finally Consolidate Documentation Properly

We get it. Locating and consolidating all the mandatory and supporting documentation for both Singapore PR and/or Citizenship applications can be daunting and time consuming. Often, our clients put off this task until the very last minute. Some even give up applying halfway just because they are unable to complete their documentation works. What is worse are clients that submit documentation that is of poor or unacceptable standards to ICA.


2. Dusting Off and Getting Your CV/Resume Updated

How often does one continue to update their Resume/CV after securing employment? Do you actively update your key achievements and career milestones? Keeping your CV polished and up to date does not require much effort if done regularly but alas, most of us are quite lazy to take this on. Providing ICA with an updated CV that clearly highlights your key achievements and milestones is one giant leap toward making your application stand out from other applicants.


3. Securing Meaningful Social Integration Opportunities

We understand that finding pockets of time to embark on Social Integration efforts such as community volunteering is the last on your priority list as you endeavor to spend quality time with your family on weekends. We are forced into a period where we are spending a lot more time at home now. We reckon this would be a new norm moving forward. What better way get a head-start on your community integration than now when you have extra pockets of time? Further, various opportunities are presenting itself during the Covid-19 period under the #SGUNITED banner. Surely, such efforts add gloss to your application.


4. Many Are Delaying Their Applications Due to Job Security

Traditionally, an estimated 100,000 – 120,000 applications for Singapore Permanent Residence and 40,000 – 50,000 applications for Singapore Citizenship annually. With the impact of Covid-19, many foreign professionals in Singapore have cast doubts over their employment positions and company stability as wage cuts and layoffs become common place. This has created a domino effect on immigration applications as people either rush to apply or put away their application till the economy stabilizes.


5. No Halt in Application Processing an No Major Immigration Policy Change

The euphoria on border matters has led to wide assumptions that ICA has halted application processing and frozen quotas, deeming new applications futile. This is not true. To date, we are still receiving application results from ICA for our clients that has submitted applications in 2019. ICA has assured that it is still business as usual where application processing is concerned and that there is no major policy change  to be meted out for the time being.

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