Single Filipina With 1 Year Work Experience Gets PR Approved

Single Filipina with 1 Year Work Experience Gets PR Approved

About Abigail

Abigail currently functions as a highly educated Business Advisor with one of the leading petroleum companies in the world. Having had experience both in her native Philippines and the U.K., Abigail was thrilled to be presented the opportunity to embark on her professional journey in Singapore, which is also closer to her homeland.


Singapore PR application approved after an agonizing 6-month wait!

“My decision to consult Immigration@SG has paid dividends for me because of their professionalism, eye for detail and commitment”.

Executive Summary

Abigail came to us after strong recommendations from her colleagues who came for consultations. Concerned initially due to her relatively short work experience in Singapore, she decided that it was no harm to attend the consultation anyway to find out more since it was free of charge.


The main challenge Abigail felt was weighing her chances down was her relatively short professional experience in Singapore, and that she is single. Noting that low birth-rates and silver population issues in Singapore would probably cause preferences in family applications, Abigail was wary on applying for Singapore PR. Further, she barely completed 1 year working in Singapore.

Within her social circle, she also shared how many of her Filipino friends got rejected several times and that rumours were rife that one stands the best chance on their first Singapore PR application attempt. With an open mind, she approached IASG for a free consultation.

How IASG Helped

We had an in-depth discussion with Abigail, tabling down both her strengths and weaknesses. We also shared with her several policy insights and industry statistics that supported her cause to apply for Singapore PR without delay. At the end of the session, Abigail felt more confident, especially after knowing that IASG will hand-hold her the entire process including taking care of all document requirements. Abigail was truly glad she took that leap of faith.

Disclaimer: All our clients have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us, therefore, due to privacy and legal purposes, we do not reveal full or real names and photos of our clients.

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