Indonesian Family Gets PR Approved After 2 Year Wait

Indonesian Family Gets PR Approved
An Indonesian family of 4 including 2 children had to wait for 2 years before getting their Singapore PR approved. Consisting of busy professionals working in the finance and political industries, their main challenge is finding the time to prepare for their PR application.

Indonesian Family Gets PR Approved After 2 Year Wait


About The Aribowo Family

Mr Aribowo is a banker with one of the most established financial institution in Asia, having spent 4 years there before deciding to apply for his Singapore PR. His wife, is also established, holding a Masters qualification and working in one of the embassies. They have 2 children at the time of application.

As both husband and wife are busy working professionals, they were clear that they wanted to work with a professional that is adept and accommodating in helping them with something they have little, or no knowledge of Singapore immigration policies. After speaking to a few consultancies, he feels the right fit is with IASG because of the honesty and friendliness of the staff he met.


PR Application Challenge: Lack of Time Available, Complex Document Preparation


As with situations where both the adults in the family are busy professionals, working on a tight work schedule is not feasible. Both husband and wife were struggling and unable to fork out time to prepare the documents required for the application. Further, as majority of their documents were in their native language, they were very detached from the actual proper document requirements that would not penalize their application.

The waiting period extended beyond the initial standard 4-6 month wait. In fact, the Aribowos waited a total of 2 years before their results were finalized! In between, there were several requests by ICA, requiring the Aribowos to furnish additional documentation on top of the ones provided as ICA required to perform additional checks.


Assisting the Aribowo Family on their PR Applications


We had an in-depth discussion with the Aribowos to understand their concerns on top of assessing the strengths of their profile. At the end of the discussion, the Aribowos wasted no time and is confident that IASG can help them achieve their objectives. They were also assured that translations and notarisations will be professionally handled accordingly.

Throughout the 2-year waiting period, the Aribowos kept IASG in the loop and we assisted professionally on all additional and out of the regular run of things requested by ICA. We handled each instance with due care and diligence and assured the Aribowos to keep positive and be patient while we await the final outcome.


Family Gets PR Approved After 2-Year Wait


Fatigued from waiting, the Aribowo family almost had diminished hopes. However, the good news finally came and they get their Singapore PR application approved after 2 years!

It was a great relief and joyous occasion for the whole family, knowing that they can now have a peace of mind settling in Singapore. The family’s plans to continue building their careers and securing the best education for their children in Singapore has finally come true.

The Aribowos believed that IASG’s meticulous methods in preparing the document package for their Singapore PR submission was critical in the success of their application.

“My decision to consult Immigration@SG has paid dividends for me because of their professionalism, eye for detail and commitment”.

Disclaimer: All our clients have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us, therefore, due to privacy and legal purposes, we do not reveal full or real names and photos of our clients.

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