Singapore Citizenship for Married Malaysian Man

Singapore Citizenship for Married Malaysian Man
Middle-aged Malaysian man who has been married to a Singaporean wife got his Singapore Citizenship approved. He has lived in Singapore for almost 30 years and can now call it his permanent home.

Singapore Citizenship for Married Malaysian Man


Application Details


Gender Male
Country of Origin Malaysia
Ethnicity Chinese
Education Bachelor Degree
Occupation Engineer in Semiconductor Industry
Social Integration Monthly donation to an old folk’s home for 2 years
Number of Years in SG 29 Years
Reason for Application He has built his life and career in Singapore and wants to continue living in the country.


Citizenship Application Challenges: Age, No Children, Lack of Financial Portfolio


  1. The applicant is around 50 years old. He feels this might affect the result of his application.
  2. The applicant has no children from his 17-year marriage. Based on Singapore’s pro-family stance, this worries him as well.
  3. Not financially savvy, the applicant and his wife do not have a structured portfolio of insurances and investments.


Profile Attractiveness Score – 88%


Disclaimer: Please note that this scoring system and analysis is only based on IASG’s knowledge, expertise, and past experiences handling client cases. This is in no way a standard metric to be used to gauge Singapore Citizenship approvals. IASG is not liable for any consequences of the usage of this scoring system and analysis by any person.


Talent & Industry Representation – 96%


The semiconductor industry accounts for about 7% of Singapore’s GDP and is Singapore’s largest manufacturing sector. Globally, Singapore accounts for approximately 11% of the semiconductor market share and about one-fifth of global semiconductor equipment is manufactured in the country. This industry also plays the most important part in the growth of technology due to the use of chips in electronic gadgets and machinery.

The applicant being a high ranking engineer in the semiconductor industry for more than a decade is a plus point for his Singapore Citizenship application. His skills, knowledge, and expertise are very much needed in Singapore.


Financial Stability & Grounding in Singapore – 77%


The applicant and his wife have been living in an HDB flat that they own. He also has basic medical insurance. Earning quite a high salary and no child, the applicant has some savings for his retirement.


Social Integration Efforts – 83%


Apart from having family and friends in Singapore, the applicant has been donating to an old folks’ home for two years prior to his Citizenship application. He lives a very similar lifestyle to locals and has no issues intermingling in social situations.


Age & Nationality Demographics – 95%


Being middle-aged, the applicant is worried that he might be rejected in his application. Most people tend to retire around 65 years old so this would make him look like he would contribute to Singapore’s economy for only 15 years more. Since Singapore is an ageing population, it is understandable that the government would prefer to grant Citizenships to young individuals or young families who would be able to fill up the population and workforce gap.

Being Malaysian Chinese, he can speak both Mandarin and Malay and he enjoys chatting with his neighbours of all races. Culturally, Singapore and Malaysia share many similarities as well especially in terms of food, festivities, and customs so he has no problem assimilating within the society.


IASG’s Case Analysis & Strategy


Given his concerns, the applicant wanted to find out his chances for Singapore Citizenship. He approached a few immigration agencies and IASG stood out for him. This would be his first time applying so talking to immigration experts also serves as his research and information gathering. He found that IASG’s consultant, Kenneth, was very knowledgeable in the immigration landscape and gave an in-depth breakdown of his profile during the first consultation. He was immediately impressed.

As he had a tight schedule, he did not want to take the time to do the application himself and would rather outsource it to a professional. He also needs help with the latest immigration policies and application updates, which IASG is an expert of. The applicant was so grateful that he could contact Kenneth for any enquiry he had, at any point of time, and get a quick response.

Kenneth addressed all of his concerns regarding his age and having no children. Kenneth assured him that these are not part of the eligibility criteria and these demographic factors may or may not be taken into account when assessing Citizenship applications. Since the ICA does not reveal the exact reasons for Citizenship approvals, there is no need to speculate. Instead, it is better to focus on the applicant’s strengths and intention to live in the country. The applicant understood this and became more confident about his application after Kenneth’s explanation. He agreed to proceed as planned.


Singapore Citizenship Application Result: Approved within 16 Months!


After 16 months of waiting, the applicant received the approval for Singapore Citizenship. He was glad to be able to finally call Singapore his home!


Testimonial for Kenneth Kwek, Manager, Lead Consultant

Kenneth gave really good advice. I really feel he is supporting me and sincerely trying to get me the Citizenship. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done! He really went out of the way for me.

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