Is it Common for Caucasians to Take Singapore Citizenship?

Is it common for Caucasians to take up Singapore Citizenship?

The decision to take up a Singapore Citizenship is an entirely personal choice / decision. It is not based on the ethnicity or nationality of the individual. Although majority of the conversion to Singapore Citizenship come from neighbouring countries, South East Asians (i.e. Malaysians, Indonesians, etc), Indians, and Chinese, statistics have shown that an increasing number of Caucasians taking up Singapore Citizenship in recent years.

Based on our experience as Immigration Consultants, the more common reasons why foreigners give up their own Citizenship for Singapore’s are:

  1. Family ties / kinship
  2. Professional Opportunities
  3. A Stable Economical and Political Climate
  4. Safety & Security
  5. Well-organised & Efficient Infrastructure

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