Single Malaysian Gets Approved After 1st Attempt

Single Malaysian Gets PR Approved After 1st Attempt
A single Malaysian man of Indian ethnicity gets his Singapore PR approved within months. A classic case of how an applicant who does not fit into the industry myths of having a high income, work in in-demand sectors, or being ethnically Chinese getting a PR approval.

Single Malaysian Gets Approved After 1st Attempt


About Nicholas

Nicholas is currently working as a Country Operations Manager with one of the leading fitness companies in Singapore. Having spent more than 10 years in the line, he is already stabilised with this career path and is keen to look into settling down in Singapore.

Nicholas first came to Singapore in 2014, with more than 10 years of experience doing operations and memberships in the health & fitness line. With his strong acumen in the line, he seized the opportunity to branch out to Singapore from Malaysia and has never looked back. After staying in Singapore for a good 2 years, Nicholas was adamant to commit to Singapore as a Permanent Resident.


PR Application Challenge: Unfixed Work Schedule, Minimal Immigration Knowledge, Single Status


The main challenge Nicholas felt was his busy work schedule as a Country Operations Manager. Very often, his work schedule are unfixed and hence he felt that he did not have the time to handle his Singapore PR application at all.

Having procrastinated and dragging the matter for some time and along with his minimal knowledge on the Singapore PR application procedure, he decided to approach IASG for a free consultation to seek professional advice.


Consultations & Immigration Advisory For Nicholas


After an in-depth discussion with Nicholas, we further understood Nicholas’ concern, which is quite common amongst the number of applicants we meet daily. We explained to Nicholas how PR applications are reviewed holistically and how we would package his case. Besides, hand-holding and taking over the entire documenting aspect was something Nicholas deem of value to him as he does not have the time nor the understanding to effectively start his Singapore PR application process.

We shared with him on how IASG can assist him with his entire Singapore PR application process, entailing the details on document requirements expected. After the consultation with our consultant specialist, Nicholas felt at ease knowing that his Singapore PR application will be at minimal hassle on his end and felt confident knowing that his application will be handled professionally by IASG.


Singapore PR Application Approved After 1st Attempt


Nicholas’s Singapore PR application approved after merely 4-months and on his first attempt!

Nicholas was surprised with the outcome as he had heard of cases where candidates who are ethnically Indian are easily rejected in their PR application. This is due to Singapore’s stance on maintaining the local ethnic ratio where Chinese makes up about 75% of the local population while Indian is a minority race and only makes up between 7-9% of the population.

Also, with a high number of ethnically Indian PR applicants who are usually in the technology, finance, legal and medical industries, Nicholas did not expect his application to be approved, especially on his first attempt. This is a classic case showing how the Singapore government does not approve PR applications just based on merit and income.

Nicholas considers himself lucky and would definitely use this golden opportunity to set his roots in Singapore by building his career and family. He noted that without IASG’s help, he would have still be sitting on his PR application.

I was so shocked that I got it on my first attempt! IASG’s consistency in following up with me even with my crazy schedule is exemplary.

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