Securing Future in Singapore During Significant Uncertainty

Securing Future in Singapore


Securing Future in Singapore During Significant Uncertainty

In a 132-page report, representatives from the Monetary Authority Singapore (MAS) has indicated that “The Singapore economy will enter into a recession this year.”  This comes as we are in the 3rd week of the mandated Circuit Breaker, where most of us are adjusting, or still adjusting to new work from home and daily routines.

As we set ourselves up to embrace prolonged economic uncertainties, we will need to grapple fast with the fact that adapting to a new normal now looks inevitable.

Though we are all on ‘lock down’, we should not use this as an excuse to cease planning ahead. For those that have already been dabbling with the idea of securing their future in Singapore, use that little bit of ‘extra’ time you have at home now to be decisive on what is best for yours and family’s future.

Just as how opportunistic investors gobble up undervalued stocks in period of uncertainty, many foreigners are now seriously looking into securing their Singapore Permanent Residency and/or Citizenship.

Some of the common questions faced on a daily basis include:

  1. Will the Singapore Government still be processing Singapore PR and Citizenship applications?
  2. How does Covid-19 impact the annual application quotas?
  3. What will happen to my ongoing application submission?
  4. What if I lose my job due to Covid-19? Can I still stay in Singapore?


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