How Singapore’s Key Economic Strategies 2021 Affects its Immigration Outlook

Key Economic Strategies 2021

As Singapore looks towards the future, The Green Plan initiative seems to have taken the spotlight front and center in the country’s pursuit to building its relevance and resilience to remain competitive as the world progresses into future technologies.

The Green Economy, one of the five key pillars of Singapore’s Green Plan is targeted towards green growth opportunities specifically targeted towards creating jobs, transform the country’s industries and use sustainability to give the country a competitive edge as the world look towards alternative resources.

The Green Economy is an initiative that will likely serve to alter Singapore’s landscape – both on the surface and beyond. Singapore’s attention will start to shift towards ensuring that new carbon-intensive investments brought into Singapore are among the best in class in terms of carbon and energy efficiency, strengthening the country as a locus for both global and local companies to develop new sustainability solutions for Asia through research and development, and supporting local enterprises to adopt sustainability practices, solutions and standards, enhance their resource efficiency and tap new business opportunities in sustainability.

What this means

As Singapore starts planning for a future by anticipating the problems that will arise due to environmental concerns and attempts to deal with the overarching issue of climate change, the sustainability industry will start taking precedence as modus to drive research and development. Singapore aims to spearhead Asia’s conversion into sustainability, and alternative resource management and creation methods.

With the sustainability industry coming to the forefront of Singapore’s plan, talented and experienced individuals in the field will be highly sought after. Key professionals in the industry will be needed onshore to drive research and development for sustainable solutions.  Related industries like manufacturing and the global supply-chain will also be in want of qualified professionals with global experience.

As Singapore aims to be globally recognised as a gold standard for sustainability, it will look outward for key professionals that can not just lead the development of the industry onshore, but professionals that can upskill and train our local workforce, as well as those that can lend legitimacy to Singapore’s sustainability efforts.

How will this affect Singapore’s Immigration Outlook?

While the annual quota for Permanent Residents and New Citizens will not change, the type of profile that would be favoured could possibly change. Individuals that fall in line with Singapore’s move into developing its sustainability industry could have better chances of their profile being approved.

As Singapore invests heavily into sustainability, these applicants could be able to stand a higher chance at getting their Permanent Residency or Citizenship application approval:

  1. Possesses vast and relevant experience in sectors like sustainability, technology, manufacturing and global supply chains;
  2. Able to directly contribute to the upskilling of the local workforce to keep them relevant as the world progresses forward into the future;
  3. Can contribute to the research and innovation of sustainability and technology solutions; and,
  4. Able to spearhead the Singapore’s push forward to revolutionise sustainability on a global scale and be the key driver of these efforts in Asia.

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