National Service and PRs. What Do You Need To Know?

National Service and PR

National Service and PRs. What Do You Need To Know?


While the government grants PRs many benefits, there are also certain obligations that is required on the individual. One of which is National Service. Under the Enlistment Act, all male Singapore citizens and permanent residents are liable to register for national service upon reaching 16½ years old. They are liable to serve two years when they turn 18, followed by 40 days of Operationally Ready National Service every year until they turn 50 years old, for officers, and 40 years old for other ranks.

As an applicant with male children, National Service may disrupt the natural course of your child’s secular Educational journey. Common questions we face as Immigration professionals include:

  • Does having a male child in the application increase my PR approval rates?
  • Can my son pursue his Education overseas and differ the National Service to a later time?
  • Can I apply for PR first and not include my son? What are the implications and will it reduce my chances of approval?
  • Can my son apply for PR only after he reaches the age of 21 (after the National Service obligatory age)?

These are real, relevant questions that require honest answers, from experts who are well-versed in local Singapore immigration policies. These are questions which needs to be answered as it determines the future comfort of your families.

Having worked with dozens of profiles of applicants who have male children, we are confident that we are able to give you solid, professional advisory, so that you can make informed decisions prior to your application.

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