A Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) refers to someone who has been given Singapore PR status by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore. They however are not full-fledged Singapore Citizens.

Singapore PRs have the right to live, work and integrate into the fabric of Singaporean society just like ordinary citizens. As a Singapore PR, one stand to enjoy, amongst many things:

Visa Flexibility: A Singapore PR will have no visa restrictions entering into Singapore and can also remain in Singapore for an unlimited period of time so long as the validity of their Singapore PR status remains valid.

Family Proximity: As a country that values family togetherness as part of a strong societal fabric, Singapore PRs have the option to obtain Long Term Visit Passes (LTVP) for parents, spouses and children.

Education Priority: To take advantage of a well-structured educational system, Singapore PRs will be given priority placement for their children should they chose to enrol them into Public (Government) schools. In addition, education cost of children of SPRs will be subsidized by the government to make it more affordable.

Career Flexibility: A Singapore PR will no longer be required to secure Employment permits and passes from Employers and will have access to more jobs locally, including Civil Service positions. As such, being a Singapore PR open doors to employment opportunities and freedom without the uncertainty of securing the permits and passes.

Comfortable Retirement: Singapore PRs will be benefitted into the Central Provident Fund (CPF) – a highly modelled-after pension scheme. This ensures that Singapore PRs will have a peace of mind with a growing golden nest for retirement while excelling in their careers.

Property Ownership Perks: For Singapore PRs who intend to invest and commit to a property, they enjoy property ownership inclusions such as significantly lower Stamp duties as compared to non-PRs. Besides this, Singapore PRs will be able to use their CPF ordinary accounts to offset monthly house loan payments.

Tax Reliefs: With valid commitment to stay in Singapore, the government recognises that help is required from time to time in the form of reliefs. Singapore PRs can look forward to receive various monetary benefits on taxes as well as ease on bank loan approvals.

Entrepreneurship Ambitions: Singapore PRs looking to incorporate companies can go through smoother processes and/ or maintain majority shareholding in setting up of businesses without the need for a local director.

Citizenship: For individuals considering Singapore as their permanent home, securing their Singapore PR marks the first step toward gaining Singapore Citizenship.

How can Immigration@SG (IASG) help?

IASG’s track record in Singapore PR applications remain stellar. We have helped individuals and families from countries such as India, China, Philippines, U.S.A, South America, Australia, Malaysia, Japan and Korea amongst many others.

Our intimate knowledge on Singapore’s immigration and employment policies will prime both Employers and/or the direct individuals to have a hassle-free experience in the application process. We will handle all application matters from paperwork, liaison with the various ministries, the application proper, as well as post-application matters, where required. More importantly, clients can tap on our expertise on all advisory matters to ensure a smooth application process and higher chances of approval.

To understand more and take your first step towards a Singapore PR, arrange for a FREE consultation with our Immigration Specialists now. In this consultation, our Immigration Specialists will seek to understand your true motivations and reasons behind the application, do a full analysis on your chances, as well as advise you step-by-step what your next course of action should be.

Any issues pertaining Singapore immigration, permanent residency, and citizenship requires in-depth knowledge of policy & documentation matters. If you have any questions or seek answers on the matter, contact us at https://www.iasg.com.sg/contact-us/ and we will be more than happy to help.

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