How Do You Get the Status of Singapore Permanent Resident?

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How Do You Get the Status of Singapore Permanent Resident?


Singapore, known for its vibrant economy and high standard of living, attracts individuals from around the world who wish to make it their long-term home. One way to establish a strong foothold in Singapore is by obtaining Permanent Resident (PR) status. In this article, we will explore the process of obtaining Singapore PR and the criteria set by the Singapore government.

The Role of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

The Singapore government grants Permanent Residence through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The ICA plays a vital role in managing immigration matters and ensuring the smooth entry and stay of foreigners in Singapore. They are responsible for assessing PR applications and determining eligibility based on specific criteria.

Unique Approach to PR Applications

Unlike many countries that utilize a point-based system for PR applications, Singapore’s approach differs slightly due to the geographical size of the nation and its unique challenges. With little to zero natural resources, Singapore faces the dual challenge of low birth rates and an ageing population. As a result, the government carefully considers the issuance of PRs to maintain a balance in the ethnic demographics of the country and prevent a drastic change in the social fabric.

Criteria for Singapore PR

The Singapore government evaluates PR applications based on several key criteria. While the exact formula is not disclosed to the public, these factors are generally taken into consideration:

Employment History: The government assesses an applicant’s employment stability, professional qualifications, and income level. Holding a stable job in Singapore, especially in sectors that contribute to the country’s economic growth, can enhance the chances of obtaining PR status.

Educational Background: Academic qualifications and educational achievements also play a significant role in the PR application process. Possessing recognized qualifications from reputable institutions can be advantageous.

Contributions to Singapore: The government values individuals who have made contributions to the community and society. This includes involvement in volunteer work, participation in social initiatives, and demonstrating a commitment to Singapore’s progress and development.

Family Ties: Applicants with immediate family members who are Singaporean citizens or PRs may have a higher chance of obtaining PR status. Spouses and unmarried children of Singapore citizens or PRs can apply for family reunification.

Length of Stay and Integration: The duration of an individual’s stay in Singapore and their level of integration into the local community are considered. Building strong social ties, adapting to the local culture, and demonstrating a genuine desire to contribute to Singapore’s society can positively influence the PR application.

PR Application Process

The PR application process involves submitting a comprehensive application package to the ICA. The package typically includes personal documents, educational certificates, employment records, and other supporting evidence that highlight an applicant’s eligibility and suitability for PR status. It is crucial to provide accurate and up-to-date information to ensure a smooth evaluation process.

The ICA evaluates each PR application on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the specific circumstances of the applicant. The processing time may vary, and applicants are advised to be patient throughout the evaluation period.


Obtaining Singapore Permanent Resident status is an important step toward establishing long-term residency in the country. The Singapore government carefully assesses PR applications to ensure a balanced ethnic demographic and sustainable social fabric. By meeting the eligibility criteria, showcasing employment stability, educational qualifications, contributions to the community, and a genuine commitment to Singapore, individuals increase their chances of obtaining PR status. Understanding the application process and providing accurate information is crucial in navigating the PR application journey. With determination, patience, and a strong desire to contribute to Singapore’s progress, individuals can embark on the path to becoming Singapore Permanent Residents.

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