Commentary: Don’t consider only salary when granting PRs

granting PRs

In a forum letter posting in the Straits Times, a foreigner-Singaporean couple expressed their frustrations over the elusive nature of securing a Long-Term Visit Pass and/or a Singapore Permanent Residence over multiple attempts.

They further cited that they hope for the authorities, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) to consider various other factors on top of monthly salary and income. Like them, many of the clients we meet on a daily basis unfortunately also have this ‘false understanding’ of actual evaluation criteria.

Applicants who are serious about attaining Singapore PR / Citizenship or even LTVP statuses in Singapore must firstly understand that there are quotas in place to maintain an equilibrium so as not to promote unnatural growth or concentration of foreigner-Singaporean numbers that may cause a social imbalance or disharmony.

With this, the Singapore Government’s Selective Immigration policy adopts a structured, meritocratic approach to ensure economic and social stability. Besides income, various other factors are detrimental to the application. This includes Education Levels, Family Nucleus, Professional Industry and Achievements and also one’s ability to integrate into the society

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