What is the PTS Scheme in Singapore PR Application?

PTS scheme

Singapore, a global hub for business and innovation, welcomes skilled professionals from around the world who wish to make the country their permanent home. Among the various pathways to obtaining the highly coveted Singapore PR, the Professionals, Technical Personnel, and Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS Scheme) stand out as the most popular route for foreign talents with specific skills and expertise. 

The PTS Scheme

The PTS Scheme is designed to allow individuals holding certain Work Passes such as the Employment Pass (EP), S Pass, EntrePass or Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) to have the opportunity to become Singapore Permanent Residents. The scheme is designed to identify individuals with qualifications and expertise that align with the country’s strategic economic and social needs. It is estimated that more than 95% of foreign talents attain their PR status through this scheme.

4 Key Factors in the PTS Scheme

  1. Educational Qualifications

Singapore is a country that highly regards merit. Therefore, preference is given to those who have graduated from reputable tertiary academic institutions. However, this does not mean that the higher the educational level, the better chance of PR approval. Educational qualifications only make up a part of the application process that paints the whole story of a candidate’s career journey. The most important thing in a PR application is to provide genuine educational certifications that are being declared. Fake certifications is a guaranteed rejection and is an offence punishable by law

Singapore also believes in life-long learning and encourages its local residents to keep upgrading their skills to adapt to the future economy. Efforts by the government such as Skillsfuture, a platform where the government subsidises professional courses that allow Singaporeans to upgrade their skills or to take up new skills. PR candidates in pursuit of professional upskilling are therefore favoured as it demonstrates initiative, adaptability and anticipation of the future job market.

  1. Professional Experience

A candidate’s career is the highlight of the PR application process via the PTS Scheme. The number of years of relevant work experience, career achievements, job promotions, salary bracket, projects undertaken, time spent at each job, and even the employer’s credentials all tell the story of a candidate’s career journey and how they can contribute to Singapore economically. Illustrating these in the PR application tells the ICA whether the candidate is a productive contributor to the Singapore economy and if the current employer of the candidate will continue employing the candidate for a substantial period of time. 

In Singapore’s bid to close the gap in the local workforce, especially in specific industries and sectors such as healthcare, finance and technology, more weight is given to candidates with these career expertise. 

  1. Financial Profile

Singapore not only needs top talent in its workforce but also quality individuals who have a stable and sound financial standing. The amount of salary that a candidate earns is just as important as having Singapore bank accounts, savings, insurance plans, investment portfolios, and real estate properties as it shows long-term commitment to stay in Singapore. Credit score, personal debt, and tax payment history also help tell the story of a candidate’s financial profile.

  1. Social Integration

Social harmony is directly tied to Singapore’s economy. History has shown us how social unrest can kill an economy and bring the country to chaos. Unemployment rate will soar, people will live in poverty and disease, and the government will have a hard time managing the country. As a multicultural and multireligious nation, Singapore has always maintained tolerance amongst all groups of people. Therefore, the Singapore government looks for individuals who are keen to assimilate into Singapore’s society and adapt to the local lifestyle. It would benefit the candidate to demonstrate how similar they are to the locals in terms of lifestyle and mindset. 

With all the differences in society, Singaporeans are naturally helpful towards each other. Many charity organisations have been set up to help specific needs in the Singaporean community and many of these organisations are government-approved. In recent years, food banks have sprouted in the low income communities, started by individual Singaporeans. So to further emphasise a candidate’s social integration in the local community, charitable contributions to the community such as monetary donations, blood donations, volunteer work, and even professional mentoring of Singapore’s youths would go a long way towards a successful PR application.

3 Other Considerations in a Singapore PR Application


Singapore has an ageing population, the economy will topple if there are not enough young people that enter its workforce. Therefore, age plays a role in PR approvals but it is not a guarantee. 

Family Ties in Singapore

Due to its low birth rates, Singapore has a pro-family stance. PR applicants who are married to Singaporeans will be preferred. This further emphasises the candidate’s commitment to SIngapore, especially if they have children from the marriage. 


Singapore has a local makeup of the Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Eurasian communities. To ensure continuance of social harmony, the government does not plan to change this. Therefore, PR candidates from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, and India have higher chances of PR approval.

What is the PTS Scheme in Singapore PR Application?

It is important to note that the factors of PR approval or rejections are not transparent and the ICA has 100% right to approve or reject all PR applications. These factors, however, are outlined based on the knowledge and experience of immigration consultants who have been in the industry for decades. 

The PTS Scheme is one of the many pathways for foreign talents to achieve permanent residency through their professional expertise. Therefore, a candidate’s application would be strategised towards highlighting their career journey and its achievements. 

IASG has helped many foreign talents with their Singapore PR application via the PTS Scheme. For enquiries, please call +65 6493 1830 or email to info@iasg.com.sg.

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