Continued Social Integration During Challenging Times

Social Integration During Challenging Times
The Singapore government emphasises on integration between foreigners and locals. Social integration is still very important for Singapore PR / Citizenship candidates, even during this pandemic. 


Continued Social Integration During Challenging Times

Inbound Immigration

With the euphoria and dust of Singapore’s General Elections 2020 (GE2020) over, the key take-away surrounding inbound Singapore immigration in our opinion is this:

1) Much needs to be done to balance foreign talent requirements, particularly, PMETs
2) Foreign talent continues to remain critical to complement the local talent pool
3) Foreign talent here must make attempts to integrate into society wholeheartedly

Post GE2020, we have received increased inquiries from foreigners looking to time their Singapore PR / Citizenship applications. While many are familiar with the documentation and processes, they are also concerned about the lack in Social Integration opportunities that can help bolster their application.

Are There Still Available Social Integration Opportunities Amidst This Pandemic?

Ever more so now, attaining approvals for Singapore Permanent Residence and Singapore Citizenship remains highly competitive, as the Singapore government needs to carefully balance the economic requirements of the country against local and on-the-ground sentiments.

In the last few months, during the Circuit Breaker, many of our clients have found ways to continue with their social integration efforts so as not to put a wrench into their application schedule. Covid-19 has also given rise to various alternative opportunities that allow applicants to outreach to those that fell victim to retrenchments, senior citizens, and even the migrant worker community, who remains the most impacted demographic in Singapore.

Social Integration Opportunities

Applicants who wish to endeavour on such opportunities may reach out to the following organisations:

Singapore Red Cross Society

Provide support and relief for the vulnerable in Singapore, especially the elderly, in light of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak. The aid will include customised care packages and psychosocial support calls for seniors living alone, sanitation kits for our volunteers and staff who continue to provide our humanitarian services to the vulnerable.

Web URL:
Volunteering Opportunities:

Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME)

Help workers cope with the disruptions from the outbreak and to allocate resources to areas where it is needed most. HOME has ramped up our support services and would like to continue doing so in the months to follow. Your donations will help us:

1) Provide shelter for our Domestic Workers who are in distress and are unable to go home
2) Provide financial assistance to all migrant workers, who are in need of urgent medical care
3) Provide financial assistance for food, transport, and communication. Many of our beneficiaries are not allowed to seek employment
4) Legal assistance and counsel
5) Providing remote counselling and emotional support


HealthServe seeks to meet the needs of the migrant workers in our community through the provision of medical care, counseling, case work, social assistance, and other support services.

Web URL:

Majulah Movement Singapore

Majulah stands for “Onward”. They are raising funds to purchase and deliver Set Meals and Treat Packs for our Healthcare Staff and Migrant Friends.

IASG’s Holistic Approach Helps Singapore PR / Citizenship Candidates

Here at IASG, we identify opportunities and key areas in our client profiles to present to ICA through a solid Singapore PR / Citizenship documents package.

As immigration professionals, we have always taken pride in providing and dispensing the best immigration advisory and strategy to reach the common goal of strengthening applications to achieve approvals. Often, it is always that little bit of extra effort put in that makes the difference in getting across the finishing line.

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