Singapore: Little Red Dot, With a Big Heart

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This National Day, Singapore, also known as the Little Red Dot, will celebrate its 55th year of independence differently. Covid-19, has hogged the headlines globally, and its impact on both the economy, and livelihood has been truly unprecedented.


Singapore: Little Red Dot, With a Big Heart

It is in such times, where the spirit of a country, and its people will be tested most. The Immigration@SG family would like to take this opportunity to rally our stakeholders to find hope to inspire a better tomorrow. This includes existing and future clients, staff, regardless if your are Singaporeans, PRs, or Foreigners looking to establish a home and livelihood on our little island.

In the bigger scheme of things, Covid-19 has shown us that the virus knows no boundaries, nationality, ethnicity, profession, nor colour. We are in this together as we feel the brunt of its impact upon our loved ones, the businesses we rely upon, the health of the global economy, and our daily lives.


Covid-19 Solidarity Efforts in Singapore

Amidst the challenges, numerous individuals and organizations in Singapore have stepped forward to demonstrate solidarity, compassion, and resilience. Here are a few examples of people doing good in Singapore during the pandemic:

  1. Healthcare Heroes: Singapore’s healthcare workers have been at the forefront of the battle against Covid-19. They have displayed unwavering dedication and bravery, working tirelessly to treat patients and prevent the virus from spreading further. Their commitment to providing quality care and saving lives has been truly commendable.
  2. Community Support Initiatives: Several community-driven initiatives have emerged to support vulnerable groups during the pandemic. For instance, individuals and organizations have volunteered to distribute essential supplies, such as groceries and hygiene kits, to low-income families and elderly residents who may face challenges in accessing them.
  3. Frontline Essential Workers: The efforts of essential workers, including delivery personnel, supermarket staff, and public transportation employees, have been instrumental in maintaining essential services and ensuring the smooth functioning of society. Despite the risks involved, they have continued to work diligently, ensuring that Singaporeans have access to necessities and essential services.
  4. Mental Health Support: Recognizing the psychological impact of the pandemic, various mental health professionals and organizations have offered free or subsidized counseling services to individuals struggling with anxiety, stress, and depression. These initiatives aim to provide emotional support and promote mental well-being during these challenging times.
  5. Education and Technology Initiatives: With the shift to remote learning, educators and organizations have implemented innovative approaches to ensure students’ continuity of education. They have developed online platforms, educational resources, and virtual classrooms to facilitate learning from home. Additionally, efforts have been made to bridge the digital divide by providing electronic devices and internet access to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  6. Research and Innovation: Singaporean researchers and scientists have been actively involved in studying the virus, developing testing methods, and contributing to vaccine research. Their dedication to finding solutions and advancing scientific knowledge has been crucial in combating the pandemic.

These examples highlight the resilience, compassion, and collective effort of the Singaporean people in the face of adversity. Through their acts of kindness and ingenuity, they have fostered a sense of solidarity and unity, ensuring that no one is left behind during these challenging times.


How Do We Do Our Part?

This National Day, Give Back

Inspired by one of our social integration partners, Giving.SG, we echo their call to rally all in Singapore to spare a thought, and if possible, their time, to reach out to the less privileged, and those that have been directly impacted by the pandemic. 

In this year’s NDP’s “Our Heart For Singapore” project that aims to inspire Singapore to take action and support meaningful causes, has made available a selection of causes and charities which you can commit to volunteer or donate to.

For more information on opportunities, visit: or


Securing a Future in Singapore During Significant


We are doing our utmost best to remain available for our clients and foreigners living in Singapore who are really looking into setting their roots here through Permanent Residence or Citizenship.

In the last few months, we have been consistently addressing client concerns on strategising application timelines, impact of Covid-19 on application quotas, and whether it is indeed in clients’ best interest to look into securing your permanent resident and citizenship statuses here at this moment. This includes:

  1. Will the Singapore Government still be processing Singapore PR and Citizenship applications?
  2. How does Covid-19 impact the annual application quotas?
  3. What will happen to my ongoing application submission?
  4. What if I lose my job due to Covid-19? Can I still stay in Singapore?

In fact, since the breakout of Covid-19, Immigration@SG LLP have received increased inquiries from foreigners seeking to commit long-term to Singapore. They commonly cite reasons such as a resilient economy, political stability, safety & security, and immaculate business framework as top reasons to be in Singapore.

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