Singapore Citizenship Approved for Single Indonesian

Singapore Citizenship Approved for Single Indonesian
Single Indonesian man got his Singapore Citizenship at his first attempt! As a young finance expert, he decided to migrate to Singapore to seize the vibrant job opportunity in the finance sector.

Singapore Citizenship Approved for Single Indonesian


Application Details


Gender Male
Country of Origin Indonesia
Ethnicity Chinese
Education Masters Degree
Occupation Finance Executive
Social Integration NA
Number of Years in SG 3 Years
Reason for Application Decided to permanently live in Singapore to take advantage of Singapore’s booming finance sector.


Citizenship Application Challenges: Single Status, Lack of Social Integration Efforts


  1. The applicant is a single man, with no family ties in Singapore.
  2. Due to work commitments and a busy schedule, the applicant did not have the time to do any social integration efforts.


Profile Attractiveness Score – 68%


Disclaimer: Please note that this scoring system and analysis is only based on IASG’s knowledge, expertise, and past experiences handling client cases. This is in no way a standard metric to be used to gauge Singapore Citizenship approvals. IASG is not liable for any consequences of the usage of this scoring system and analysis by any person.


Talent & Industry Representation – 89%


The applicant is a young finance executive who is trying to build his career in the industry. With his MBA and a couple years of experience, he has the expertise the industry needs. The Singapore government has announced a masterplan to transform the financial industry, growing by 4-5% per year from 2021-2025 and creating between 3000-4000 jobs on average per year.


Financial Stability & Grounding in Singapore – 88%


The applicant has built up his financial portfolio with insurance and investments since the beginning of his career in Singapore. Financially savvy, he wanted to make sure that he has the funds to support his life in the country and make sure he has enough to retire as well.


Social Integration Efforts – 23%


Working in the financial sector can be hectic and time consuming. The applicant’s commitment to his career makes it difficult for him to spend time and effort to assimilate with the locals. He did sporadic volunteer work while applying for his Singapore PR previously but has since stopped. However, he plans to start donating to an orphanage long-term.


Age & Nationality Demographics – 72%


Being in his mid-20s and of Chinese descent from nearby Indonesia, the applicant felt confident of his chances to obtain Singapore Citizenship. He is confident that his chances are quite high because of this. He is ethnically and culturally similar to Singaporeans. Furthermore, he speaks three languages including English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Indonesia, which makes him easily accepted by the local community.


IASG’s Case Analysis & Strategy


Application Needs

The applicant came to IASG seeking help with his application, mainly because he discovered that the time and effort required to do it himself will be cumbersome and time consuming given his position as a working professional. A highly driven and goal-oriented individual, the applicant wanted to make sure that the very first time he applied for Singapore Citizenship, would also be the time he got his approval. He wanted to get an immigration expert who is experienced, knowledgeable, and able to handhold him throughout the entire process. Thus, his decision to engage with IASG.

Suggested Improvements

Based on the applicant’s profile, our consultant found that his submission can be strengthened by improving his social integration efforts. Being a high income earner working in the finance industry and having no familial ties in Singapore, the applicant does not look like he has a wide network of local contacts. His interactions with locals are limited to the colleagues at his workplace. The applicant was aware of this and had plans to donate to an orphanage long-term. However, he never got the time to do it.

Our consultant was glad to help him with this and started listing out charity organisations in Singapore for the client to pick from. From there, the consultant liaised with the organisation of choice on the applicant’s behalf to arrange the monthly donations and any other efforts needed for him to actively engage the local society. He enjoyed his time thoroughly and found the engagement meaningful..

Concerns Raised By the Applicant

The applicant had concerns regarding his single status as he understood Singapore’s pro-family stance and wondered if this would affect his application. Our consultant assured him that even though the Singapore government is pro-family, it does not mean that only families are given Citizenship approvals. Because the applicant is still young, he intends to one day settle down in Singapore and start his own family here.

Application Strategy

Our consultant proceeded to strategise the application, emphasising the strength in his career and financial standing. The document specialist team took the time to understand the finance industry, the specifics of his job role, and how it contributes to Singapore’s economy. They also collated documents to signify the applicant’s financial and social contributions to the country as evidence.


Singapore Citizenship Application Result: Approved within 15 Months!


Within 15 months after submission, the applicant received the approval for Singapore Citizenship. He was understandably ecstatic and couldn’t wait to complete the next steps. IASG guided him with the formalities until he went through Citizenship Ceremony.


Testimonial for Alan Ngo, Assistant Manager, Lead Consultant

When I chose IASG, I knew they were the right choice. From their website, I found that they seem legit and professional and when I met them in person, they seemed to know a lot about the application process. I am thankful for their help and wish them great success!

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