MNCs Rush to Create Innovation Outposts in Singapore

More and more MNCs are setting up their bases in Singapore. In an article recently published by the Economic Development Board of Singapore, Principal at Mercer Singapore, Rahul Mudgal shares why Singapore stands out as the region's innovation hub.

MNCs Rush to Create Innovation Outposts in Singapore


The increasing trend of multinational corporations (MNCs) choosing Singapore as their base is a testament to the nation’s reputation as a thriving business hub and an innovation powerhouse. In a recent article published by the Economic Development Board of Singapore, Rahul Mudgal, Principal at Mercer Singapore, sheds light on why Singapore stands out as the region’s innovation hub.

One key factor that sets Singapore apart is its strong ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship. The nation’s government has implemented policies and initiatives that foster a conducive environment for startups and technology-driven companies. Supportive measures, such as grants, funding schemes, and incubator programs, provide MNCs with the resources and support needed to establish and grow their operations. Singapore’s vibrant ecosystem, comprising co-working spaces, accelerators, and venture capital firms, further enhances collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities.

Singapore’s strategic location and connectivity serve as another advantage for MNCs. The nation acts as a gateway to the rapidly growing markets of Asia, providing companies with access to a diverse customer base and facilitating regional expansion. Additionally, Singapore’s well-developed infrastructure, efficient logistics networks, and advanced telecommunications systems ensure seamless connectivity, enabling MNCs to operate efficiently and serve both regional and global markets.

Furthermore, Singapore’s commitment to research and development (R&D) plays a crucial role in its appeal as an innovation hub. The nation has invested heavily in research institutes, technology parks, and innovation-focused initiatives. This emphasis on R&D encourages collaboration between academia, industry, and government, leading to the development of cutting-edge technologies and fostering a culture of innovation.

Singapore’s reputation for excellence in education and talent development is another factor that attracts MNCs. The nation’s focus on STEM education, coupled with its world-class universities and research institutions, produces a highly skilled workforce equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to drive innovation. The availability of a diverse pool of talent, both local and international, ensures that MNCs have access to skilled professionals across various disciplines.


Amongst Factors Accredited to Singapore’s Attractiveness For MNCs Are:


  1. Digital technological advancements: Singapore’s transition towards a digital economy is one of the major contributors to the continuance of its economic success. With upskilling support by the government for its local workforce, upgrading both public and private sectors with technology for better processes and efficiencies, and educating all residents living in the country, Singapore is transforming its economy.
  2. Innovation focus: Established by large multinationals and local companies, there are about 40 corporate innovation systems or innovation labs where companies be more involved in the innovation and commercialisation efforts and can tap into the Singaporean entrepreneurial ecosystem without necessarily disrupting their traditional businesses. Support does not only come from monetary means but also mentoring, networking and a variety of educational programs.
  3. Connectivity to the rest of Asia: Singapore’s strategic location allows physical connectivity to the rest of Asia via its sea and air routes. With the digital transformation, it is now connected digitally as well. It is easier for businesses to access Singapore’s world-class infrastructure, capital, talent, and even test ideas with different consumer segments across the region.


Impacts of MNC’s Presence in Singapore


More jobs are created, especially in the sectors such as technology, engineering and manufacturing, and finance sectors. These are the sectors that are directly affected by the growth of innovation and Singapore needs more top foreign talent to fill up the gaps in its local workforce.

More business owners would also look to set up their operations in Singapore, using the MNCs as testament to Singapore’s credibility and financial opportunities.


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