Singapore Flexes Its Standing as Asia’s Technology Capital

Technology Capital

Singapore is on track to be Asia’s technology capital. In an article published in March 2018 by the Economic Development Board of Singapore, the writer shared how Singapore checks all the boxes for ‘next hotbed of innovation’.

According to a 2017 study, Singapore ranks as the most popular place in the world to launch a new business, with a line of seasoned global tech giants and start-ups with bright revolutionary ideas already taking advantage of the talent pool, infrastructure, security and relative ease in which to commence business operations in Singapore.

What is the Impact of this?

With Singapore’s innovation focus and transition into becoming a Smart Nation, Singapore PR or Citizenship applicants who have displayed relevant experience congruent to the nation’s objectives can expect added advantage. With a high demand for technology consumption on all levels and sectors in the country, foreign tech professionals who have the skills and experience to help Singapore advance in this sector are needed. Skills and knowledge transfer are expected from foreign talent to the local professionals, maintaining a competitive, talented pool of workforce in Singapore.

Applicants displaying entrepreneurial ambitions in this sector can also benefit, with the prospect of contributing to the local economy through commerce and job creation.

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