Does Your PR Get Renounced If You Do Not Become A Citizen?

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Does Your PR Get Renounced If You Do Not Become A Citizen?


The Singapore Government does not renounce your PR if you choose not to be a Citizen. The government does not make it mandatory for Singapore PRs to apply for citizenship.

While becoming a Singapore PR is a natural progression toward Citizenship (taking into account if the individual is a right fit), not all existing PRs however seeks citizenship. Further, the total number of New Citizenships offered annually is lesser compared to the total number of New PRs issued.

Singapore is known for its welcoming stance towards foreigners who contribute to the nation’s economic growth and cultural diversity. The Permanent Residence status grants individuals the right to live, work, and study in Singapore on a long-term basis, with various benefits and privileges. While PR status is typically seen as a stepping stone towards Singaporean citizenship, it is not a mandatory requirement.

There are various reasons why individuals may choose to maintain their PR status without pursuing citizenship. Some individuals may have personal or familial ties to their home country and wish to retain their citizenship there. Others may prefer the flexibility that PR status offers, such as the ability to work or reside in multiple countries without the obligations and responsibilities that come with citizenship. Additionally, some individuals may find the application process for citizenship to be complex or time-consuming and may opt to maintain their PR status instead.

It is important to note that the Singapore Government places great emphasis on selecting individuals who are a good fit for Singapore’s society and contribute positively to its development. The criteria for acquiring PR status are carefully evaluated, taking into account factors such as education, employment history, skills, and potential contributions to the country. However, the decision to pursue citizenship is a personal one and is not mandatory for PR holders.

While the number of new citizenships offered annually is typically lower compared to the number of new PRs issued, the Singapore Government continues to evaluate citizenship applications based on their merits. This ensures that individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to Singapore and have made significant contributions to the country are given the opportunity to become citizens. The government seeks to strike a balance between attracting and retaining foreign talent while preserving the social fabric and cultural diversity of Singapore.

Maintaining PR status provides individuals with stability and access to various benefits, including healthcare services, education subsidies, and social security schemes. PR holders also enjoy greater job opportunities and the ability to establish roots in Singapore’s vibrant and cosmopolitan society. They can contribute to the country’s economy and society while enjoying the rights and privileges associated with their PR status.

It is important for PR holders to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities, such as renewing their Re-Entry Permits (REP) to ensure the validity of their PR status. The REP allows PR holders to travel in and out of Singapore without restrictions and is usually granted for five years at a time. By fulfilling these requirements, PR holders can maintain their status and enjoy the benefits associated with it.

While PR status offers a range of advantages, it is worth noting that there may be limitations compared to being a Singapore citizen. For example, PR holders do not have the right to vote in elections and may face certain restrictions when it comes to purchasing public housing. However, these limitations are often outweighed by the benefits and opportunities that PR status provides.

In conclusion, the Singapore Government does not revoke the PR status of individuals who choose not to pursue citizenship. While becoming a citizen is not mandatory for PR holders, it is often seen as a natural progression for those who wish to further integrate into Singaporean society. However, many PR holders choose to maintain their status for various reasons, such as personal ties to their home country or a desire for flexibility. The government continues to evaluate citizenship applications based on merits, ensuring that individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to Singapore and contribute to its growth are given the opportunity to become citizens.

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