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We understand that the rejection rate among applicants who apply for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status on their own is around 90-95%, and that rejection can be for different reasons, such as incomplete forms, insufficient documents, weak profiles and so on. ICA does not disclose the reason for rejection and we understand that this can be quite frustrating for you.

So what are the options for you if you had your Singapore PR application rejected?

Option 1: Re-apply 6 months (minimum) after the rejection date

Option 2: While you officially have 6 months from date of rejection to submit an appeal to ICA, we can endeavor to submit within 2 months if you can portray significant changes

Considering the initial negative decision, applicants who wish to re-apply or appeal need to showcase significant progress or improvements in terms of their profiles to overturn the decision. Having minimal or no policy knowledge, it thus becomes a challenge for applicants and it is common for them to feel that they are stabbing in the dark with their Singapore PR applications.

As professionals in the industry with adequate policy experience, we ensure that all clients have all the information that they need before their next move.

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