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We understand there is about 90-95% rejection rate among applicants who apply for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status on their own. Rejection can be for different reasons like incomplete forms, insufficient documents, weak profiles and so on. ICA does not disclose the reason for rejection and we understand that this can be quite frustrating for you.

We at IASG leverage on the intimate knowledge of former policy-makers and/or highly experienced members within the team to provide assistance with your Singapore Permanent Resident application to enhance your chances of success as well minimize the hassle of preparing the documents amidst your hectic work schedule.

A typical application timeline for a PR application under the PTS or Sponsored Scheme is as follows :

1) During the Consultation phase, we will:
  • Conduct an  in-depth Initial Profile Analysis
  • Provide face-to-face advisory
  • Provide profile strengthening insights
  • Advise on policy updates

Each of these are critical in setting the foundations of your application so that we can make the necessary preparations to ensure that you have a strong documents package.

2) Service Initiation

Once you have decided to work with IASG on your application, we will initiate your case and brief you on all the pertinent points and information necessary to complete your documents package and submit your application in a timely fashion. We will be briefing you on:

  • Assigned caseworkers and documents specialist
  • Key milestones and timelines you need to be aware of
  • Undergo a Complimentary Financial Health Review
  • Provision of comprehensive documents checklists
  • Provision of necessary documentation for Social Integration efforts
3) Documents Collation & Review / Documents Preparation

This will form the core of the tangible work that IASG does for all our clients. We utilize dedicated specialists on each case to scrutinize and prepare the necessary documentation required for a strong, error-free documents package that is aligned to existing government policies.  At this stage, we will work closely with clients to ensure that all documents meet or exceed ICA’s standards.

We will :

  • Plan & strategize each case according to your profile
  • Conduct a comprehensive documents review before submission
  • Handle all documentation processes
  • Manage unique & complex immigration Issues, where applicable
  • Expedite cases for e-PR submissions, if required
4) Documents Handover & Submission

Once the necessary preparation has been done, we will invite our clients and run through in detail the application forms, together with all mandatory and supporting documents that we will be including in the submission.

During this stage, we will also brief the clients on the latest policy and industry trends that might affect the application. Clients will also get a detailed picture of the probable review timeline imposed by ICA before formal submission of the application via ICA’s e-PR system.

5) Post-Submission / Post-Outcome Advisory

As your immigration partner, we live up to our promise of guiding you throughout the journey. Even after the submission is complete, we will be providing advisory and expertise for any additional requirements by ICA or any of the government bodies even while your application is undergoing review. We will also list out the necessary important documents that require prompt update to ICA for you while in the midst of review.

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