Observations of an Immigration Expert (1): Common Challenges

Common Challenges

Having been in the service line for more than a decade, empathy towards customers has more or less been ingrained in my DNA as a service professional. As an inbound Singapore Immigration Specialist, I meet customers from all walks of life daily, all yearning to be Singapore PRs, yet time and again, they get frustrated that their application gets rejected.

The top challenges that my clients encounter include:

  • Multiple rejections
  • Not knowing what went wrong in their application, despite submitting all necessary documents stipulated by ICA and adhering to all instructions carefully.
  • Unfamiliar with the process of the new e-PR submission which is proving much tedious compared with the old system
  • No idea where to upload the supporting documents through the new system
  • Knowing the importance of social contribution and social work but no idea where to start and who to approach

If you have applied for Singapore PR before or you are in the process of preparing your application, this will sound familiar to you.

So what should you do? How do you ensure that your application does not go to waste?

Many of my customers, like yourselves, were in this situation as well, and those that took the plunge to engage in a professional, or at least take the time to speak with one, has never looked back. The reviews and testimonials we receive is proof in itself on the level of attention and professionalism we put into each application.

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