About the Client:

Client is holding a senior position in a global financial institution, having been transferred from the Japan office. With expertise in Financial Information Technology and Security, he brings about with him a unique skill set on a global strategic level.

Results :

PR Approved for himself and entire family within 7 months.

“Since we came to Singapore, my family and I (all Japanese but me) felt like this is the place to call home from now on. Immigration@SG helped us enormously in achieving this goal. They were dedicated, detailed and had immense knowledge on the processes. They guided us in every single step and we are very happy with the positive outcome and excited about this new step in our lives.”

“Immigration@SG helped us enormously in achieving this goal. They were dedicated, detailed and had immense knowledge on the processes”

Executive Summary:

Over the years, the team at IASG have proven successful at assisting expats from around the world resettle in Singapore as a permanent resident. We are incredibly proud to help change and improve the lives of all our clients by helping them navigate the minefield of the PR application process, from first consultation all the way to the security of achieving PR status.

Finance professional is South American in origin, came to Singapore after spending many years as a professional in Japan. While in Japan, Client married a Japanese, started a family, and was transferred to Singapore, where he soon fell in love with the efficiencies and convenience in place.


After doing some research and speaking with fellow expats, Client was not confident on his chances of application considering his length of stay in Singapore (less than 1 year), age, ethnic background, as well as the industry he is in, which is quite saturated.

Additionally, with a Japanese wife and young children, he is also aware that there will be some quota issues that may not be favourable toward him.

When looking through ICA’s website, Client realized that he will not be able to pull together the vast documentation requirements and coupled with a lack of policy knowledge, he decided he needed professional help as he is serious about attaining PR.

How IASG helped : As with how IASG approach all cases, we invited Client down for a free consultation to understand his profile in depth. During the session, we shared with Client the various government metrics used that is relevant to a strong PR application. We did a point by point analysis to benchmark Client’s merits and advise what the immediate items we can help with. We also assured him that we will take over all the paperwork and documenting so that he can focus on his career. With this hand-holding approach, Client was able to approach his application in an easy, structured, and stress-free manner.


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