Social Integration

Weave your way into the hearts and minds of locals and the Singapore government by giving back to its community. Your contribution shows how serious you are in working and living in Singapore long-term.

Start your journey into the Singaporean core with our help!

Social integration and cultural assimilation is an important facet to immigrating into Singapore. Scarcity of land, and being one of the most densely populated nations worldwide, the process during which newcomers or minorities are incorporated into the social structure and fabric of Singapore can impact social harmony.

As such, social integration, together with economic integration and identity integration, are three main dimensions of any newcomers’ experiences within the Singapore society. Thus, social integration is one of the important factors when applying for Singapore PR and Citizenship.

The Singapore government specifically states on the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website that they want to see how an applicant integrates into the Singaporean society.

Immigration@SG has been advising all of our clients on various ways they can achieve a good balance of social assimilation. Regardless whether it is to support their Singapore PRCitizenship, or even Long-Term Visa applications, such efforts go a long way. 

Broadly, 4 ways one can embark on social integration in Singapore include efforts through:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Monetary Donations
Mentoring & Coaching

Benefits of Participating in Social Integration

Understand how to interact with Singaporeans
Empathise with people who need help in Singapore
Contribute to Singapore and Singaporeans
Shows the government an applicant's seriousness to live in Singapore long-term
Understand Singapore culture

Our CSR Partners

Singapore Red Cross

Singapore Red Cross Society

Provide support and relief for the vulnerable in Singapore, especially the elderly, in light of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak.

The aid will include custom care packages and psychosocial support calls for seniors living alone, and sanitation kits for our volunteers and staff who continue to provide our humanitarian services to the vulnerable.


Funds can help us spend on the needs of our beneficiaries. Your donations help pay for things that matter.



Volunteer with us and help make life easier for our beneficiaries.


Singapore Cancer Society

Singapore Cancer Society

The Singapore Cancer Society is the only Cancer Charity in Singapore that provides end-to-end support for cancer. This includes cancer prevention, welfare assistance/aid, cancer support for patients, rehabilitation and hospice care.

The Charity serves about 100,000 beneficiaries each year. Every day, 35 people are diagnosed with cancer in Singapore. 1 out of every 3 Singaporeans dies as a result of cancer. Though the statistics are alarming, we believe that every life is worth fighting for.


Request for an e-form to make your donations to our cancer beneficiaries.

Contact us


Spend some time making a difference for our cancer patients by volunteering with us.


Our Past CSR Initiatives

Singapore is known for being one of the richest countries in the world but we also have one of the biggest income gaps globally. Although they are not usually seen, there are Singaporeans who live in poverty. Singapore also has one of the best healthcare systems in the world but we still do have people struggling financially while dealing with their health issues. These are just some examples of the plight of some Singaporeans. There are many other ways Singaporeans need help with and there are many NGOs that have been set up to address these specific issues. 

While Singaporeans are known for being arrogant and unfriendly, not many know that they have the kampung spirit – a sense of community where they help and be there for each other during hard times. This was a tradition in the old days when Singaporeans were living in kampungs or villages that are still alive today. Expats who want to experience Singaporean hospitality should go into the heartlands, especially areas where HDB rentals are, to see how normal Singaporeans spread kindness in the community. Singaporean individuals and companies often donate food packs and cooked food to rental dwellers. Some even create a food bank for HDB renters, usually consisting of low-income earners and elderly Singaporeans, to take items they need for free. Mosques, temples, and churches often give out free food as well. Expats who want to live long-term in Singapore need to understand this “invisible” Singaporean culture. 

Immigration@SG walks the talk and believes in giving back to the Singapore community. Being in the immigration industry, we understand how important donations and volunteering are to help people who need help in Singapore. To encourage our clients to integrate into the Singaporean society, we show them how we do it. Below are some of our past efforts.

Customs Clearance

What We Can Do For You

Immigration@SG can help advise clients on how to do social integration in Singapore. 

  • Connect clients with our Partners
  • Advise on the best ways for clients to do their social integration that suits them
  • Get a Letter of Appreciation by the NGO for SIngapore PR/Citizenship application submission

Continued Social Integration During Challenging Times

With the euphoria and dust of Singapore’s General Elections 2020 (GE2020) over, the key take-away surrounding inbound Singapore immigration in our opinion is this :

  1. Much needs to be done to balance foreign talent requirements, particularly, PMETs
  2. Foreign Talent continues to remain critical to complementing the local talent pool
  3. Foreign Talent here must make attempts to integrate into society wholeheartedly

Post-GE2020, we have received increased inquiries from foreigners looking to time their Singapore PR/Citizenship
applications. While many are familiar with the documentation and processes, they are also concerned about the lack of Social Integration opportunities that can help bolster their application.

Are there still available social integration opportunities amidst this pandemic?

Ever more so now, attaining approvals for Singapore Permanent Residence and Singapore Citizenship remains highly
competitive, as the Singapore government needs to carefully balance the economic requirements of the country against local and on-the-ground sentiments.

In the last few months, during the Circuit Breaker, many of our clients have found ways to continue with their social
integration efforts so as not to put a wrench into their application schedule.Covid-19 has also given rise to various
alternative opportunities that allow applicants to outreach to those that fell victim to retrenchments, senior citizens, and even the migrant worker community, who remains the most impacted demographic in Singapore.

Applicants who wish to endeavor on such opportunities may reach out to the following organizations:

Singapore Red Cross Society

Provide support and relief for the vulnerable in Singapore, especially the elderly, in light of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)outbreak. The aid will include customized care packages and psychosocial support calls for seniors living alone, and sanitation kits for our volunteers and staff who continue to provide our humanitarian services to the vulnerable.

Find Out How You Can Contribute to Singapore!

Seize the chance to mingle with locals and choose the most suitable avenue to contribute to Singapore. Giving back to the community is never easier! Contact us for more information.

Thank you!

We will inform the Singapore Cancer Society of your interest and they will contact you directly.

Donate to the Beneficiaries of Singapore Cancer Society.

Thank you for your interest in helping our beneficiaries to fund their medical and welfare needs. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.