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Our team consists of specially trained immigration experts who have served more than 4000 clients, handling complex cases from over 70 nationalities worldwide. Whether you are an individual or a company, we can help with all your immigration needs.

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Immigration@SG LLP (IASG) is a multiple award-winning, Singapore-based immigration consultancy firm providing comprehensive immigration services to cater to the varying needs of businesses and individuals.

Our team comprises of well-trained immigration professionals with 5 decades of combined immigration experience in Singapore and continues to work in close accordance with the guidelines set by the relevant government agencies.

What We Do

Our in-depth knowledge of Singapore immigration laws and policies, as well as extensive experience in handling a myriad of unique and complex immigration cases, allow IASG to offer clients sound and strategic immigration advice with full compliance with the local laws and regulations for their:

We pride ourselves on our professional and solutions-driven approach to deriving swift and effective immigration solutions in a time-sensitive business landscape. We invest time and resources into building a strong knowledge base, and assembling a team that embeds into our corporate culture a keen desire to delight our clients with excellent customer service and genuine relationships.

IASG’s track record in Singapore PR & Citizenship applications remains stellar. We have helped individuals and families from over 70 nationalities including India, China, Philippines, U.S.A, South America, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea among many others. On the corporate front, our clientele includes Google and IBM, to name a few.

Our intimate knowledge of Singapore’s immigration and employment policies will prime both employers and / or individuals to enjoy a hassle-free experience with the application process. We will handle all application matters from paperwork, liaison with the various ministries, the application proper, as well as post-application matters, where required. More importantly, clients can tap on our expertise on all advisory matters to ensure a smooth application process and achieve higher chances of success.

Our Mission

To be a trusted partner delivering customised solutions to our client’s Singapore immigration needs and goals.

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Our Values

Integrity, Incisive, Informed

Accomplished, Available, Accountability

Second-to-None, Service, Sincerity

Goodwill, Genuine, Going the Extra Mile

Integrity, Incisive, Informed
Accomplished, Available, Accountability
Second-to-None, Service, Sincerity
Goodwill, Genuine, Going the Extra Mile

The Value You Get From Working With Us

There are many firms out there that promise to help you gain strong consideration for your Singapore Permanent Residence or Singapore Citizenship application. It is important that you choose a credible and honest partner to work with. Remember, no two applications are the same. We take a customized approach (not a one-size-fits-all approach) for every case. All our consultants are experienced to handle various application complexities to ensure professionalism.

Immigration is an important decision and an intricate process. Therefore, it is critical that you work with a company that has your best interests at heart. At IASG, we promise you these Key Value Propositions:

Sound Immigration Policy Knowledge & Planning Experience

We have assembled a team comprising of experienced Senior and Junior officers from Government Ministries as well as professionals across varying sectors in Multi-National Corporations (MNCs). We combine the best minds from diverse backgrounds to form a professional,intelligent, dynamic, and well-rounded team. With close to five decades of combined experience in handling immigration cases, our team is well positioned to work with you at every step of your application journey. As well-trained immigration professionals, our knowledge and familiarity will ensure that you are well represented and your needs are fully addressed. We take great pride and ownership of each case so that we maintain a sharp eye in picking up the subtle nuances that can impact your application.

Professional Case Management

We are in the business of building long-term relationships with all our clients and we go the extra mile to ensure that this is applied at all touch points. By assigning a dedicated team of specialists that are readily available and accessible to your particular case, we are able to map out a strategic and structured approach for your application. These specialists will be fully accountable for ensuring clear and correct communications of instructions, timelines, case progression, processes, policies, and so on. Therefore, you can always be assured that all application milestones and deliverables are achieved and completed smoothly and in a timely fashion.

Minimise Hassle & Time Wastage

By having a professionally managed case, it greatly reduces the time and hassle you have to spend understanding intricate policies and requirements, sieving through documents, and sitting in front of the computer to fill up the various forms in order to complete the online submission.This effort that you would have to spend preparing application forms could be put to better use. At IASG, we maintain a high level of efficiency and align ourselves to the KISS rule — Keep It Simple, Silly — so that you, our valued client, will benefit without the headaches.

Strong Complete Documents Package

We will compile and prepare a complete, strong, and error-free documents package which meets the standards required by the various Government agencies. All documents and paperwork will undergo careful scrutiny by our legal team before you are invited to our office for a formal documents handover, face-to-face. Should there be any issues that arise close to the submission date, rest assured that they will be addressed fully and immediately. We are committed in ensuring that your application receives the maximum attention by the authorities so as to significantly increase your chances for PR approval.

Handling Complex Immigration Cases

Our vast experience in the industry and well-trained specialists allow us to work successfully on a variety of complex cases. From time to time, there will be applicants whose case may differ from standard applications and/or there might be special requirements. Should you choose to work with us, you can be assured that such matters will be handled professionally and promptly. This is where we value-add by providing correct and timely advice as well as offer the best solutions in moving your case forward. You can be certain that we will not leave you in the lurch at any point during the application journey.

We Do Not Resort to False Claims

We understand that immigration is a big decision for individuals, families, and businesses. Immigration is a serious matter and we treat our work and clients seriously. As such, we do not resort to smoke-screens, gimmicks, over-promises or simply false claims to secure your business. We pride ourselves for being a professionally run firm, thus we aim to forge a long-lasting client relationship with you based on mutual trust and respect. We are strongly against pushy sales tactics as it devalues what we stand for as a professional firm. The time and resources spent on each client reflect the value that you receive should you choose to work with us.

Team Profile

The people in our team are what makes us successful. Expertly trained in all aspects of the immigration business, the team has managed not just complex cases but also multiple-service cases where more than one of our services are required. Prioritising customer care, the team ensures that all clients’ concerns are addressed and taken care of. Meet our top performing team members below.

Masood Mustafa — Director and Managing Partner

Masood heads Immigration@SG LLP as Director and Managing Partner, where he oversees the entire management of the company. He is responsible for providing the overall strategy and advisory for all inbound Singapore immigration matters based on his solid immigration policy planning experience with the various Singapore ministries.

The value and experience he brings to IASG have seen him grow the company to over 30 in headcount in the first 4 years – despite the highly competitive and niche nature of the business. In this time, he has assembled a very efficient and professional team consisting of a mix of both ex-Ministry employees as well as individuals with experience from various sectors including Banking & Finance, Medical, Hospitality and Technology.

Masood Mustafa

To date, under Masood’s stewardship, IASG has effectively served individuals and families from over 70 Nationalities to attain Singapore Permanent Residence and Singapore Citizenship. Additionally, on the corporate front, IASG has partnered both SMEs and MNCs to fulfil the foreign talent requirements for their Singapore operations through sound advisory and legal documentation work.

In line with IASG’s vision to be a trusted partner delivering solutions to our client’s Singapore immigration needs, IASG is continually working hard to improve our processes and align our protocols with Singapore’s selective immigration requirements as stipulated by the Singapore government through honest work. We believe our highly-rated public reviews are a testament to the good work IASG has done since inception.

A government scholar with Singapore Management University (SMU), Masood entered the civil service as a Senior Officer with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and spearheaded various policy groups to implement new immigration, security and operation protocols to support national immigration requirements, enhance border security, and improve overall efficiency at the checkpoints.

While serving the Ministry, Masood was accredited with numerous awards and commendations by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and also served as speaker for various Immigration conferences regionally, to address concerns on regional Maritime and Seaport Security as well as Singapore immigration.

Upon leaving the public sector, Masood joined the world’s largest corporate immigration law firm, where he managed several key MNC clients based in the U.K, U.S, and Asia Pacific, on Singapore business immigration related inquires. Throughout his time there, he has successfully assisted both small and large businesses to set up in Singapore in compliance with local regulations. Additionally, Masood was involved in several dialogue sessions with both private and government organizations such as the various chambers of commence, industry leaders, Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) etc.

Muhammad Ryhan

Muhammad Ryhan — Practice Advisor

Ryhan first forayed into the immigration sector having spent several years handling immigration work, where he supported various government agencies, statutory boards and foreign embassies on key projects, forging close working relationships along the way. These experiences formed the foundation that enabled Ryhan to thrive in his role at IASG and move swiftly up the ranks to Practice Manager where he served till May 2019. In this role, he oversees the entire legal team, and personally attends to cases involving high-net worth individuals and VIP clients. Further, the position involves interacting with compelling individuals from diverse backgrounds including C-Suites and Senior Professionals, to provide personalized advisory and guidance on inbound Singapore immigration matters.

With experience in mentoring, it is befitting that as Practice Manager at IASG, Ryhan is responsible for ensuring that the legal team is well-trained and polished in their understanding of Singapore immigration policies and procedures. Under his guidance also, the team is adept in handling all manner of inbound immigration work. To date, the legal team has proved to be very efficient and well-oiled in not only regular applications, but also complex ones such as those involving divorce, illegitimate children, applicants who are not physically in Singapore, and business owners/entrepreneurs.

Since June 2019, while still supervising the legal team, Ryhan also assumes a Corporate Communications role, as IASG prepares for further growth and strengthens its position as the premier inbound Singapore immigration firm. Effective January 2023, Ryhan now takes on a primarily Advisory role at IASG. With his experience and knowledge, he now further value adds to IASG’s processes by focusing more on industry research work to strengthen not only applicants’ documents package and cover letters, but also sharpening the minds of all staff and expanding their immigration policy knowledge.

Ryhan brings with him more than 17 years of relevant experience across the financial, marketing, media and hospitality sectors, having been in the employ of major banks and regional advertising agencies. With his firm understanding in handling individuals from various industries and backgrounds, he possesses the ability to understand strategic business needs, operational efficiencies, and meet critical timelines.

Kenneth Kwek — Manager, Lead Consultant

Kenneth is a senior leader within the IASG setup, having spent more than 20 years in the global relocation business. He joined IASG as a Senior Consultant and has swiftly worked his way up to the position of Lead Consultant.

One of the go-to guys within IASG – Kenneth is a critical member of the IASG team, providing exemplary service assisting clients with their Business IncorporationSingapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications. As Lead Consultant, he also guides and leads a team of seasoned Consultants and Documents Specialists on all inbound Singapore matters including application preparation, submission and policy advisory.

Kenneth Kwek

To date, Kenneth’s and his team’s portfolio of clients are so diverse spanning from junior executives to higher management and C-level executives. Kenneth and his team are also well-represented with expertise handling complex immigration cases and applicants with unique profiles.

Part of his appeal and charm in this customer-centric role is his ability as a multi-linguist, where he is easily able to connect well with clients from various nationalities making them feel at home in no time at all. In addition, Kenneth plays a key role in working with the management to remain well-informed and updated on new and upcoming immigration policies.

Zen Tan

Zen Tan — Senior Immigration Consultant

Zen is a senior member of the Sales Team at Immigration@SG (IASG), due to his wealth of experience in Sales and Business Development since 2005. IASG recognises Zen as a critical member of the team that is well-liked by both colleagues and clients.

Through the years, his performance is backed by results – quietly gaining clients’ trust and growing IASG’s client base to what it is today. In close to 7 years at IASG, Zen’s portfolio of satisfied customers spans across multiple industries for both blue and white collared professionals.

Since 2020, Zen has included within his portfolio specialist advisory for clients from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan attain successful pathways into Singapore. With Hong Kong’s popularity as a financial hub waning, Singapore has benefited from the Chinese inflows and IASG is proud to have assisted many through Zen.

He started his career off in a research position with the prestigious Government of Singapore Investment Corporation. He then started working in the advertising sector for four years as an Account Manager whose role includes, taking charge of corporate clients accounts (who are mostly in C-Levels (Chairman, CEO, CFO, Management level)) for their magazine/event/digital advertising needs. Finding his niche in connecting with people on the ground level, Zen quickly established himself as a down to earth and amicable personality that clients found easy to relate to.

Jereme Wong

Jereme Wong — Immigration Consultant

Jereme has grown from one of the youngest members in IASG to now a highly experienced consultant at Immigration@SG (IASG). As of now, he possesses close to 3 years of Immigration policy knowledge, specializing not only in Singapore Permanent Residency and Singapore Citizenship applications, but also in Business Incorporation, Corporate Work Pass Advisory and Global Investor Programme (GIP) requirements and advisory. With this skill set, Jereme is always available to resolve doubts on various client profiles including individual, family, and investor applications from various industries and nationalities around the world.

Jereme comes with reasonable sales & marketing experience and knowledge, having been in the Financial Services industry prior. With financial stability one of the more critical pillars in securing a long-term place in Singapore, Jereme’s experience primes him very well in sharing basic financial related information that is often overlooked amongst applicants he serves.

As a value add to IASG, Jereme has also put together a framework involving licensed financial advisors to be part of the immigration value chain for IASG’s clients on a non-obligatory basis. IASG’s clients have greatly benefited from this initiative – a fine example on how IASG complements our clients needs proactively.

Jazzlyn Lam — Manager, Client Services

Jazzlyn is an experienced document specialist with 6 years of experience in the immigration industry and counting. With her extensive knowledge on the legalities of immigration applications, Jazzlyn leads the operations team to produce strong, error-free document packages for our clients.

Beyond standard immigration work, Jazzlyn is highly adept in guiding our clients with documentation for business incorporation, and foreign talent planning for work passes.

Jazzlyn Lam

Our clients have been giving compliments generously on the operation team’s service throughout the application process. The Document Specialist team, headed by Jazzlyn, constantly finds the opportunity to go the extra mile for our clients, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience. Jazzlyn’s prior customer service background allows her to excel in providing exemplary service to clients while at the same time, guiding her team to do the same.

Definitely the go-to person for immigration operations, Jazzlyn’s biggest contribution to IASG is designing the documentation and application process to ease and simplify the experience for our clients.

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