What Should I Do After Receiving IPA When Applying for EP?

What should I do after receiving the IPA when applying for EP?
The In-Principle Approval (IPA) is a letter that is given after an Employment Pass (EP) has been approved and receiving it allows migrant workers to start entering Singapore. These are the next steps after getting your IPA.

Steps To Take After Getting In-Principle Approval (IPA) for Employment Pass (EP) Applications

After receiving the In-Principle Approval (IPA) for your Employment Pass, there are important steps you need to take to complete the process and secure your EP status. Here’s what you should do next:

  1. Print and Carry the IPA: It is essential to print out the IPA and have it with you when you enter Singapore. Make sure to keep it together with your passport, as you will need to present both documents to the immigration officer upon arrival.
  2. Immigration Clearance: When you arrive in Singapore, proceed to the immigration checkpoint. The immigration officer will verify your passport and the IPA. They will then stamp a 30-day pass on your passport, typically with a handwritten “IPA” text on the stamp. This indicates that you are entering Singapore to complete your immigration formalities for the EP.
  3. Submission of IPA: In most cases, the immigration officer will retain the IPA document. They will take it as part of the process. This is a standard procedure, and it does not affect your EP status.
  4. Prompt Completion of Formalities: It is crucial to complete the EP formalities as soon as possible. This typically involves visiting the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) or any authorised agency to complete the necessary paperwork, including the issuance of the EP card. Your employer or HR department should guide you through this process and provide you with the required support.
  5. Time Constraints and Alternatives: If your schedule does not permit you to complete the EP formalities during your initial visit, or if you do not intend to do so, you can still enter Singapore on a normal tourist pass. In such cases, you will receive a 90-day Social Visit Pass (SVP). However, please note that you are not allowed to engage in any employment activities while on the SVP, except attending meetings or conducting business discussions.
  6. Update in Case of Passport Change: If you enter Singapore using a different passport, such as in the case of a new passport being issued due to the loss of your previous one used for the EP application, it is crucial to inform your company’s HR department. They will need to update the relevant government agencies prior to your entry into Singapore, ensuring a smooth transition and compliance with the necessary procedures.

Important Notice in Final Steps

Adhering to these carefully outlined steps and expeditiously fulfilling the requisite formal procedures not only streamlines the process but also culminates in the attainment of your Employment Pass (EP) status, thereby granting you the legal privilege to engage in work activities within the vibrant landscape of Singapore. It’s essential to imbue your approach with a sense of diligence and efficiency, guided by the understanding that each phase of the process plays a pivotal role in achieving a seamless transition.

Throughout this journey, maintaining open lines of communication with your employer or the Human Resources department proves indispensable. Their wealth of experience and comprehensive understanding of the intricacies inherent to the application procedure renders them a veritable font of guidance. They are uniquely positioned to offer you advice, personalised direction, and the provision of requisite resources, thus ensuring that you traverse this path effectively.

Congratulations once again on your EP approval, and best of luck with your new employment opportunity in Singapore!

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