Congratulations on the approval of your EP!

You will need to print out the IPA and present it together with your passport when entering Singapore. The immigration officer will verify your passport and the IPA and stamp a 30-days pass (usually with a handwritten text “IPA” on the stamp) on your passport. The IPA will likely be taken by the immigration officer. The “IPA” text is to indicate that you are entering Singapore for the purpose of completing your immigration formalities to secure your EP status. You will then be expected to complete this process at the soonest possible.

Kindly note that should your schedule not permit or you do not intend to complete the process during the next visit, you need not present the IPA to the immigration officer and may enter on a normal tourist pass, i.e., a 90 days Social Visit Pass (SVP). Under this pass, you will not be allowed to perform any employment activity, except attending meetings.

Kindly also note that should you be entering Singapore with a different passport (in case a new one is issued for loss of existing passport used for the EP application), please inform your company’s HR so that they can update the relevant government agencies prior to your entry into Singapore.

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