We cannot guarantee 100% PR approvals since we do not have direct control over the Singapore Government’s and ICA decision making. In fact, no agencies or business should be so bold to be giving you such guarantees as it, after all, not true.

The Singapore Government however exercises extreme meritocracy in according approvals. With our intimate policy knowledge and the close working relationship we have with key immigration policy-related stakeholders, it is therefore our responsibility and we make it our business to guide you on ensuring a strong documents package is put forth to increase your chances of PR approval.

Here at IASG, we have Immigration Professionals with years of knowledge and experience in handling complex cases and we are equipped with the necessary systems and operational processes to ensure that your application is properly and professionally managed.

We handle the entire process for you to ensure that you have the best chance of success with as minimal hassle as possible. Rest assured, we prepare document packages that reflects the candidate’s best possible profile as at point of submission.

For more information, you may refer to https://www.iasg.com.sg and arrange for a free consultation with our Immigration Specialists where a thorough profile analysis will be done for you.

How can Immigration@SG (IASG) help?

IASG’s track record in Singapore PR applications remains stellar. We have helped individuals and families from countries such as India, China, Philippines, U.S.A, South America, Australia, Malaysia, Japan and Korea amongst many others.

Our intimate knowledge of Singapore’s immigration and employment policies will prime both Employers and/or the direct individuals to have a hassle-free experience in the application process. We will handle all application matters from paperwork, liaison with the various ministries, the application proper, as well as post-application matters, where required. More importantly, clients can tap on our expertise on all advisory matters to ensure a smooth application process and higher chances of approval.

To understand more and take your first step towards a Singapore PR, arrange for a FREE consultation with our Immigration Specialists now. In this consultation, our Immigration Specialists will seek to understand your true motivations and reasons behind the application, do a full analysis on your chances, as well as advise you step-by-step what your next course of action should be.

Any issues pertaining Singapore immigration, permanent residency, and citizenship requires in-depth knowledge of policy matters. If you have any questions or seek answers on the matter, contact us at https://www.iasg.com.sg/contact-us/ and we will be more than happy to help.

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