Seeking Hope Within the Storm of Covid-19

Covid 19 pandemic
The challenges of Covid-19 facing the world right now has truly shaken up global economies, and stretched healthcare systems to their limits - up-heaving people’s daily lives. With more than a third of the world’s population under some form of lock-down, to put it simply: there isn’t a business, government, or person that hasn’t felt the effects of Coronavirus, even to some degree.

While everyone has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, both personally and professionally, the front-liners are our heroes that keep the country in order. People working in the medical, f&b, logistics, and delivery industries are especially recognised for their hardwork to keep essential services available at these very difficult time.

Recognising the Front-Liners

One very noticeable impact of the outbreak is the sacrifice and perseverance of front-liners and their relentless dedication that symbolises everything good that is the human spirit.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, front-liners played a crucial role in Singapore’s response to the unprecedented public health crisis. These dedicated individuals worked tirelessly on the front lines, risking their own health and safety to protect and care for the community. Recognizing their invaluable contributions became an important aspect of acknowledging their sacrifices and boosting morale. Here’s a closer look at how front-liners were recognized and appreciated in Singapore during the pandemic.

  1. Applauding the Essential Workers: The #ClapforNHS social movement saw millions of Britons applauding National Health Service staff last Thursday, and spawned the same for workers in other countries, including Singapore. We are at a a stage where every contribution matters, no matter how small. The “Clap for SG” initiative gained popularity, where people across the country would step out to their balconies or windows every evening at 8 pm to applaud and cheer for the healthcare workers, essential service providers, and frontline personnel. This act of gratitude aimed to boost morale and show solidarity with those on the front lines.
  2. Thank You Campaigns: Various organizations, community groups, and individuals launched thank you campaigns to express their appreciation to front-liners. These campaigns involved sending thank you cards, messages, and gifts to hospitals, clinics, and other essential service providers. Social media platforms were also flooded with messages of gratitude, highlighting the extraordinary efforts of these individuals.
  3. Supportive Measures: The government implemented several initiatives to support front-liners during the pandemic. This included additional financial incentives, such as the COVID-19 Support Grant, to help those affected by the crisis. Various organizations and businesses also provided discounts, freebies, and priority services to front-liners as a gesture of appreciation.
  4. Public Recognition and Honors: Front-liners received public recognition and honors for their exceptional service. The President’s Challenge, an annual event in Singapore, launched a special edition called “Sayang Sayang Fund” to raise funds for frontline workers and vulnerable groups affected by COVID-19. The government also announced plans to establish a National Service (NS) Recognition Award to honor front-liners who served during the pandemic.
  5. Emotional Support and Mental Health Services: Recognizing the immense pressure faced by front-liners, efforts were made to provide emotional support and mental health services. Helplines and counseling services were made available to assist those in need. The community also rallied together to offer words of encouragement and solidarity, ensuring front-liners felt supported during challenging times.
  6. Vaccination Priority: As vaccines became available, front-liners were given priority access to vaccination. This recognition of their essential role in public health and safety further emphasized their significance in the fight against the pandemic.

Recognizing the front-liners at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore was a crucial aspect of rallying the community together and acknowledging their selfless dedication. The various initiatives and gestures of gratitude not only boosted morale but also reinforced the spirit of unity and resilience in the face of adversity. The collective recognition of these individuals as heroes helped inspire and motivate them to continue their vital work in combating the pandemic and keeping Singapore safe.

Our deepest condolences goes out to the loved ones of those that have  succumbed to the deadly virus. But life goes on, and we have to look forward to brighter days. With many industries taking a hit, majority of us are genuinely concerned about job security. And rightly so.

How Immigration@SG Can Help You Secure Your Place in Singapore

At Immigration@SG LLP, we are doing our utmost best to remain available for our clients and foreigners living in Singapore who are really looking into setting their roots here through Permanent Residence or Citizenship.

While our work force will be telecommuting between 7 April 2020 – 1 June 2020, we would like to assure you that we will remain operationally functional and continue to support all client queries and applications remotely, without compromising on the quality of advisory all the way through to your application submissions.

We will address your concerns on strategising your application timeline, impact of Covid-19 on application quotas, and whether it is indeed in your best interest to look into securing your permanent resident and citizenship statuses here.

  1. Will the Singapore Government still be processing Singapore PR and Citizenship applications?
  2. How does Covid-19 impact the annual application quotas?
  3. What will happen to my ongoing application submission?
  4. What if I lose my job due to Covid-19? Can I still stay in Singapore?

In fact, since the breakout of Covid-19, Immigration@SG LLP have received increased inquiries from foreigners seeking to commit long-term to Singapore. Citing reasons such as a strong economy, political stability, safety & security, and immaculate business framework, Singapore still remains the place to be for many.

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