The Economic Development Board (EDB) and Enterprise Singapore laid out plans to pilot Tech@SG, a targeted programme to help grow technology companies in Singapore and expand regionally.

The sectors in focus includes those in digital, medtech, biotech, cleantech, agritech and fintech where professionals equipped with skills in frontier technology, such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Internet of Things will be in high demand.

In lieu of of such specific talent requirements, how does this affect the Singapore PR and Citizenship application landscape?

Do you know that part of the evaluation criteria for Singapore PR and Citizenship applications include one’s Industry and Specific Skill sets as detailed by one’s past achievements and job scope? Additionally, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), works closely with the various government agencies including EDB and MOM in strategizing talent and industry requirements in Singapore’s best interests.

Having established ourselves in the inbound-Singapore immigration industry since 2014, our opinion stands that applicants with the right talent and experience can look into increased chances of approvals, should their application be packaged the right way. In 2019 alone, we are already seeing increased application approvals from our client applicants with a Digital / Technological niche.

As immigration professionals, we have always taken pride in providing and dispensing the best advisory and strategy to reach the common goal of strengthening applications to achieve approvals. Often, it is always that little bit of extra effort put in that makes the difference in getting across the finishing line.

IASG’s track record in Singapore PR applications remains stellar. We have helped individuals and families from countries such as India, China, Philippines, U.S.A, South America, Australia, Malaysia, Japan and Korea among many others.  We set ourselves apart from competitors because we keep ourselves relevant with the nation’s policies and economic interests. In assisting clients to front a strong application, it is imperative we remain updated on trends and policies that can elevate or have a direct impact on our client’s approval chances.

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