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Nail Your Application for Singapore Citizenship with IASG

Similar to the application for Permanent Residency, becoming a Singapore citizenship is never a simple decision as it requires the full knowledge of the legal aspects that come with it. Our team’s knowledge of the Singapore Citizenship Act and immigration regulations allows us to closely advise you on your true chances of attaining Singaporean status, the steps involved in the application and the implications of changing nationalities. As immigration experts, we serve you in managing the entire application process to achieve a desirable outcome without having to face the massive paperwork involved, from the Singapore Citizenship application form to the documentation of all relevant identification materials.

Unlike Singapore PR Applications, the reviewing criteria for Singapore Citizenship undergoes additional scrutiny. Being a small country, the Government is even more selective with applicants for consideration due to a slew of economic and social factors. Singapore Citizenship can be notoriously difficult to obtain. This is especially so for Permanent Resident spouses of Singaporean citizens as there is no guarantee of them receiving citizenship even after their application.

We meet many applicants who have tried to attain Singapore Citizenship status on their own but failed to get an approval. Rejection can be for different reasons like incomplete forms, insufficient documents, weak profiles and so on. Due to the complex evaluation criteria and competitive quota system, ICA does not disclose the reason for rejection, and we understand that this can be quite frustrating for you.

We at IASG leverage on the expert knowledge of former policymakers and/or highly experienced members within the team to provide assistance with your Singapore citizenship application to enhance your chances of success as well as minimize your hassle in preparing the documents amidst your hectic work schedule.

Application Timeline

A typical application timeline for a Singapore citizenship is as follows:

1) During the Consultation phase, we will:
  • Conduct a thorough Initial Profile Assessment
  • Provide an in-person advisory session
  • Provide profile strengthening insights
  • Advise on any changes in policy

Each of these is paramount in building up the base of your application so that we can formulate the next step of any necessary preparation to ensure that you have a robust documents package.

2) Service Initiation

Once you have decided to work with IASG on your application for Singapore citizenship, we will commence on your case and inform you on both the timeline as well as any important information needed to complete and enhance your documents package. This will also allow us to be able to submit your application on schedule. We will brief you on:

  • Assigned case workers and documents specialist
  • Key milestones you need to be attentive of
  • Undergo a Complimentary Financial Health Review
  • Provision of a thorough documents index
  • Arrangements to obtain the necessary documents for your Social Integration efforts
3) Documents Collation & Review / Documents Preparation

This forms the crux of the tangible work that IASG does for all our clients. We utilize dedicated and experienced specialists for each case to analyse and prepare the necessary documentation needed for a solid, error-free documents package that is aligned to existing government policies.  At this stage, we will work closely with you to ensure that all your documents meet the specifications set by the government.

We will:

  • Plan each case according to your individual profile
  • Conduct an exhaustive documents review before submission
  • Handle all documentation processes
  • Manage special & complex Immigration Issues, where applicable
  • Accelerate cases for electronic submissions, if needed
4) Documents Handover & Submission

Once all the preparations are done, the document specialist assigned to you will go through the package in detail to make sure that the information given is as accurate as possible. This includes the application forms, along with all mandatory and supporting documents that we will be including in the submission.

At this stage, we will also brief the clients on the latest policies and industry trends that might affect their application. Only after clients are satisfied and the documentation is complete would their cases progress to the actual submission via ICA’s e-SS (e-Service Submission).

5) Post-Submission / Post-Outcome Advisory

As immigration specialists, we live up to our guarantee of completely guiding you through your journey from start to end. Even after the submission of your application for Singapore citizenship, we will continue to provide professional advice and insights. Should there be additional requirements requested from ICA or any of the government bodies, even while your application is still undergoing review, we would be committed to assist. We will also list out for all clients any important documents that require prompt update to ICA while your submitted application is still within the review phase.

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