Is there a ‘Quota System’ that impacts PR Applications?

Quota System

This is one of the most common question we receive from customers who are thinking about applying for Singapore PR. While the ‘Quota System’ is already an open secret, understanding the core reason behind it is key to bringing you a step closer toward Singapore Permanent Residence.

Why and What is the Quota System?

Being a small country, the rate at which the economy grew since the 1980s has been steadily robust. So much so that the natural rate of citizen births can no longer keep up with the demands of the city state.

With no natural resources, Singapore can only look to people for growth continuity. The Quota System ensures that there is always sufficient manpower with the required skills set vested into the various industries of the workforce. With Total Fertility Rates reaching all-time lows year on year (currently 1.2), the solution thus is to rely on attracting foreigners into the equation via Permanent Residence (PR) or Work/Employment Passes. Simultaneously, the government has to ensure that foreign workforce adhere to the population demographics (age group, race, etc) so as not to upset the balance in a multicultural society.

For applicants who feel that the Singapore Government is not giving out any more PRs, they are wrong. Since 2009, there are still plenty of approvals but the number of PRs given out have stabilised to around 30,000 annually. As such, the review process is more stringent now so as to find the right fit for each application. While the exact quota is not revealed to the public, understanding this system enables us to value each application form as an opportunity to highlight the merits of each applicant to the Singapore Government and not merely filling up a form.


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