Is ICA’s e-PR Submission a Chore in PR Application?

Is ICA's e-PR Submission a Chore in PR Application?

At the close of the first week of ICA’s newly implemented e-PR Submission system, we notice increased enquiries and comments from potential clients and members of the public pertaining the challenges they face. Largely negative in nature, we can empathise with them on the matter. What used to be a more traditional method of physical form submission has now gave way to a purely online-based process. And this comes with a few unnerving points on top what public feels is a hefty $100 per applicant submission fees.

Below is a screengrab from a popular forum for expats residing in Singapore :

ePR Forum

As with all things new, there definitely needs some time factored in to cater to change. However, do potential Singapore Permanent Resident hopefuls really have the time and patience, while balancing their career and family, to focus on their Singapore PR application?

This bring about the point that we have been reiterating in our recently published article that summarises how Singapore PR applicants can overcome their e-PR submissions and improve their chances of approval by strategising their next move smartly.

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