Taking Stock of a Company’s Purpose

The last few days offered Immigration@SG LLP (IASG) a timely reminder to take stock of our purpose and servitude to our clients. In the wake of a rather sensational piece of news to rock the inbound Singapore immigration sector, I came across this tweet from renowned British-American author and inspirational speaker Simon Sinek.

Looking back to when IASG was first incorporated, we were one of the first few pioneers on the inbound Singapore immigration scene. We were already aware early on that the road ahead will be challenging because :

1. We are in the business of offering a largely intangible service
2. The final decision on all immigration matters lies with the Singapore Government

With this in mind, we were clear from the onset that our purpose will and must always be rooted to service our clients and to make sure that they are best represented on the application table. While the journey may be slower compared to rogue, fly-by-night operations, it was a path that we strongly believe will prevail in the long run.

Granted, being an entirely service-based industry, there will be instances where our end product may fall slightly short.

But, we try.

We learn, and we improve, and we move on.

We look back to the time IASG was incorporated and extract out several markers which we strived for.

  1. To not engage in high-pressure sales tactics
  2. To remain clean from misrepresentation/misselling
  3. To maintain good and clean relations with the relevant authorities
  4.  To protect the integrity of the firm, its staff, and our clients

The road to where we have come to today was definitely fraught with many challenges. The biggest yet was Covid-19, disrupting and uprooting families with uncertainties and the lack of opportunities to cement their position in Singapore. But, there have also been many reasons for joy and motivation.

Over the years, we have been blessed and fortunate to offer assistance to clients at all levels, and across most industry sectors. The relationships forged had proved critical in seeing us through the pandemic. Being steadfast in maintaining the stellar level of service we demand from staff, we have continued to cultivate a strong sense of business continuity through effective networking and building a strong referral base.

Just a couple of months back, we were, yet again, given the opportunity to work on a re-application for an individual whose application through us was initially rejected. Curious, I asked him what made him entrust us with his application again. He said many things, but my core takeaway was this…

It is indeed a true measure of how good we are when clients who get rejected through us in the past still insist on using our service. It is even more fulfilling when they also recommend prospects whom they knew would benefit from the service.

The Short Term Future for Immigration

With Singapore opening up borders gradually, and its unfaltering ability to continue attracting investments, its position as a bonafide global hub will continue to attract highly talented and niche-skilled professionals into the country. This would allow Singapore to remain competitive and appealing. Singapore also remains friendly to business relocations, which means that as businesses are looking to move operations, the country will leap at the opportunity to welcome these businesses onshore with open arms with its progressive and favourable policies and strong governance.

Having said that, so long as we are still in the pandemic, the immigration industry will globally continue to become very interesting and likely, even more, unpredictable than before. Earlier this week, for instance, Japan has announced a shift to open its doors to more foreign talent to mitigate its aging workforce and labour shortage issue.

The policymakers in Singapore have long learned that Singapore must not reach this state. With pro-active policies (rather than reactive), we must learn or inevitably face the same talent challenges that have long marred Japan. As such, seeking the counsel of established firms with qualified policy analysts would be the wise move for any persons looking to immigrate during this time.

About Immigration@SG LLP

IASG’s track record in Singapore PR applications remains stellar. We have helped individuals and families from countries such as India, China, Philippines, U.S.A, South America, Australia, Malaysia, Japan and Korea among many others.  We set ourselves apart from competitors because we keep ourselves relevant with the nation’s policies and economic interests. In assisting clients to front a strong application, it is imperative we remain updated on trends and policies that can elevate or have a direct impact on our client’s approval chances.

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